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Every gift received through the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation strengthens our ability to provide the best healthcare services to our community. Your gift makes a true impact! Keep reading to learn more, or click to view the Foundation's 2017 Year in Review or Arlington Pediatric Center's 2017 Community Impact Report.

Emergency Help - and Peace of Mind - for Everyone

For 25 years, Virginia Hospital Center and the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System have served the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area,offering help when a fall or other health crisis threatens the well-being of seniors who subscribe to this life saving emergency service. Sadly, not everyone who is in need of this technology can afford it, leaving huge numbers of our community’s elderly without access to a network that would allow them to live independently—and with confidence.

“One of the biggest programs we have is our Philips Lifeline Medical Alert program,” says Cathy Turner, Director of Health Promotion and Senior Health at Virginia Hospital Center. “Lifeline is the button that people push when they experience a fall, medical issue, or other emergency.”

The Lifeline System includes a small two-way speaker which is connected to the phone line, and a small lightweight pendant with a button that will activate a call to the monitoring center when pushed. A Lifeline operator will then communicate with the subscriber and contact a designated friend, family member,or local 911.

“We have over 1,000 subscribers and the purpose of the program is to provide peace of mind and enable people to stay in their home with the ability to have fast access to help. Yet more and more, we are finding that the people who are in need of this service are low-income, and their numbers are rising each year,” Cathy says.

Which is why, in 2009, Virginia Hospital Center established the Lifeline Assistance Fund, to provide a subsidy for the Lifeline service enabling seniors to remain in their homes with confidence and safety. “Our goal is to support those who are in need through the Lifeline Assistance Fund for as long as they need the service,” Cathy says. “But it is only with financial support from our friends and partners that the Lifeline Assistance Fund can be there for the most vulnerable and at-risk members of our community who are unable to afford the service.”

Since 2009, the Lifeline Assistance Fund has supported over 60 people in the Northern Virginia Metro Region.

Virginia Hospital Center's Emergency Department

It might be a heart attack, a fall, or a child’s high fever. When medical emergencies strike, it’s nice to know that Virginia Hospital Center’s Emergency Department is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And thanks to ongoing support from caring donors, Virginia Hospital Center’s Emergency Department is a top-notch facility, equipped with sophisticated equipment and staffed with world-class doctors, emergency-certified nurses, and many other technicians and providers who are committed to providing lifesaving care—with heartfelt compassion.

Perhaps that’s why last year a record 66,539 patients chose Virginia Hospital Center’s Emergency Department (ED) when they experienced a health care crisis.

“In the ED, we all take tremendous pride in the quality of care and high service we deliver to our patients,” says Dr. Mike Silverman, Chairman of the Emergency Department. “We all have received personal letters from our patients who are truly grateful for the quality of care they received.”

Dr. Silverman credits the financial support received from donors as one of the main reasons why Virginia Hospital Center’s Emergency Department is such a respected and state-of-the-art facility. “Health care equipment is very expensive, and we are privileged to have cutting-edge technology,” Dr. Silverman says. “We have technology ranging from an in-room monitoring system that allows us to take care of any emergency in any room, to portable ultrasound machines that give doctors information in seconds—seconds that can save lives.”

Taryn Overman, Patient Care Director for the Emergency Department and Outpatient Clinic, echoes Dr. Silverman’s appreciation for the financial support of donors. “Year after year, donors continue to give so that we are able to provide continuing education and scholarships for nurses. We hire many new graduate nurses who are scholarship recipients,” Taryn says. “And we have a number of emergency-certified nurses who achieved their advanced accreditation with the support from donors. “I actually started at Virginia Hospital Center as a new graduate and was the recipient of a nursing scholarship,” Taryn adds. “That’s how I joined the Emergency Department nine years ago.”

A special thanks to our donors who give generously to support exceptional care in the Virginia Hospital Center Emergency Department. “With ongoing support, we will build the next generation of emergency care so that the citizens of Northern Virginia can continue to receive high-quality, advanced care when they need it most and experience great outcomes,” says Dr. Silverman.

In 2015, the Virginia Hospital Center Emergency Department had 66,539 visits.

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