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Meredith Howarth (right), Manager of Corporate Health, and Margo Calkin (left), Assistant Manager of Corporate Health,
Virginia Hospital Center

Meredith and Margo manage all aspects of the HealthWorks program, delivering corporate wellness services directly to clients in the DMV area.

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Classes & Events

Virtual Employee Health and Wellness


All lectures available as webinar.The cost is $250/webinar and includes a list of attendees and copy of the recording if using our webinar platform. For a full list of lectures, visit the Lectures and Workshop tab.

New & Featured Webinars:

  • Maintain Healthy Habits Remotely
  • Balancing Work and Home Life in the Current Climate
  • Managing Your Emotional Wellness
  • Meal Planning Made Easy
  • Get Fit While You Sit - At Home or Work
  • Today's Guide to Modern Day Mindfulness
  • Navigating Care of Your Aging Parents
  • Summer Health and Safety
  • Humor Your Health
  • Positive Body Image and Self Love
  • Lighten Up with a Lifestyle Change
  • How to Keep Your Family Engaged Today 

30 Minute, Four Part Webinar Series: $525/series
This is a four part series of 30 minute webinars on the one of the below topic series.

  • Healthy Snacks for Everyone!
  • The Sweet Truth About Sugar
  • Should I be Afraid of Carbs?
  • Steps to Feeling Satiated Without Overeating
Stress Management
  • Understanding Your Stress Triggers
  • Improve Your Stress Resiliency
  • Make Self-Compassion Part of Your Daily Routine
  • Develop Calming Strategies
Body Mechanics/ Ergonomics
  • Lower Back
  • Neck
  • Hips, Knees, and Ankles
  • Shoulders, Elbows, and Wrists

Virtual Wellness Fair: $225/hour

Mix and match from our list of services below to host your virtual wellness fair with us. These services can be lumped together in one day or spread out over a week time period. Includes one raffle prize for every two hours booked, promotional flyer, and educational handouts.

One Hour Programming
Group Huddle with a Personal Trainer
Join our personal trainer to ask your burning exercises and fitness related questions in a group format. Our personal trainer will be on video to answer your questions and you can share video or ask questions through our chat feature or can choose to just listen in. 

Wellness Webinars
Click to be directed to lecture page

Live Remote Fitness Classes
See available classes above

Dine with a Dietitian
Chat with our Registered Dietitian about your nutrition related questions in a group format. Our Dietitian will be on video to answer your questions and you can share video or ask questions through our chat feature or can choose to just listen in. 

Interactive Discussion with a VHC Department
- Diabetes Education
- Childbirth Education
- Total Joint Replacement
- Cancer Resource Center
- Physical Therapy

Half Hour Programming

Happy Place Meditation
Practice a meditation activity with one of our staff members. Let them guide you through increasing your awareness and tuning in with your senses.

Calculating Your Body Mass and Resting Metabolic Rate
Your body mass index and resting metabolic rate are key indicators for your health. Learn simple tips for improving your metabolism and decreasing body fat.

Setup a Healthy Workspace at Home or Work
Come learn from our Physical Therapist about some of the simple ways you can make your home and work stations ergonomically efficent to reduce pain with prolonged sitting and less than ideal positions.

Relaxation Guided Imagery Activity
This is a simple and convenient technique to relax your mind and relieve tension. We will guide you through a scenario that will help you imagine yourself into a relaxed state.

Emotional Resiliency Reboot
Let us help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and maintain resilience during stressful times so that you can become a master of your emotions.

Staying Emotionally Connected
It can be difficult to feel connected to others during this time and you may even feel isolated.  Learn how to stay connected virtually and in a separate scenario while practicing proper social distancing.

Wellness Trivia Happy Hour or Any Hour
Test your health and wellness knowledge with us in this interactive game of trivia. Winner gets a fancy shmancy certificate and bragging rights! 

Feed the Mind with Brain Games
Let us test your brain synapses in this fun and interactive game session that includes questions about trivia, language, memory, puzzles, and word problems. 

The Science of Happiness
Top 7 insights to help you improve mood & well-being during these challenging times.  Based on information from Yale University’s “Happiness Lab”.

Live Fitness Classes
Available classes inlcude: Power Core, Energy Boost, Walk Your Way to Wellness, Soulful Stretching

Add Ons:
Easy and Healthy Cooking Demos
See topic choices above

Add use of our GoToWebinar platform for your Benefits, Insurance, Financial, or other vendors


Other Virtual Services

  • Dial a Dietitian: $100/hr
  • Easy and Healthy Cooking Demos: $350/demo
    Join us for an hour on the topic of your choice from the list below. Learn ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet and make quick, easy, and delicious dishes with one of our team members. Recipes provided ahead of time so participants can make the dish alongside of us or just take notes for your reference.
    Get Smoothin' with our Smoothie Demo
    Three Ways to Cook Chicken
    Heart Healthy Dishes
    Six Healthy Snacks
    Breakfast of Champions
    Lunches to Go
    Healthy Ways to Boost Flavor in Dishes
    Cook Dinner with Us - "Dinner's Ready!"
  • Electronic Ergonomic Assessments: $100/hour
    A physical therapist will host Zoom meetings with a participant every 10 minutes with 5 minutes of wiggle room in between each appointment. The time spent on each participant can be more or less dependent on how in depth you’d like the assessments to be. Each participant will receive a workspace evaluation where they receive instruction on proper workstation positioning in order to reduce strain on the body. 
  • Live Remote Exercise Classes: $200/class (Max 1 Hour)
    Available classes include: Body Weight Bootcamp, Cardio Strength Circuit, Pilates, Tai Chi, Seated Yoga, Feldenkrais, Strength & Stretch for Seniors, Build Your Balance, Family Yoga  
  • Wellness Phone Consultations: $100/hour
    How Can I Bring HealthWorks to My Workplace?

    To develop the best program for your organization, contact HealthWorks today!

    Fees are structured to be affordable for both large and small companies.

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