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This workplace has been recognized by the American Heart Association for meeting criteria for employee wellness.
Classes & Events

Health Fair Services

Mini Health Fair: $225/hour

Includes the following:

Blood Pressure: $60/hour (if separately)

How hard does your heart have to work?

Body Fat: $60/hour (if separately)

What percentage body fat do you have? A FUTREX device measures body fat painlessly, by passing an infrared light through your bicep.

Flexibility or Grip Strength: $60/hour (if separately)

Find out how far you can "sit and reach" or how strong your grip is.

Health Age Profile: $75/hour

Are you older or younger than your chronological age? Find out whether your health habits are making you older or younger than your age.
Substitution options  (chose one):

  • Cancer Risk
  • Fitness
  • Heart Health
  • Nutrition
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stress & Coping

Stress Booth: $75/hour (choose one)

There are many ways to reduce stress - make a stress balloon, learn how to stretch at your desk and more!

Choice of two Educational Booths

  • Women's & Men's Health
    Hands-on booth provides a variety of information on cancer reduction, heart health and disease prevention.
  • Diabetes Education
    Basics, prevention tips and healthy eating for diabetics.
  • Smoking Education
    Includes tips on quitting.
  • Heart Health
  • Sleep Education
  • Nutrition (4 options):
    • Dining Out
    • Portion Distortion
    • Hidden Nutrients (includes fat, sugar, sodium, fiber & calcium)
    • My Plate (based on USDA nutritional guidelines)

You can substitute Mini Health Fair screening with any of the hourly screenings. Minimum of 2 hours of pay a $50 less than minimum fee. Prices correspond to a la carte options.

Additional Screenings

Choose one or combine several.

A1C Diabetes screening: $25/person (min 15/hour)

Finger-stick screening for diabetes. Fasting NOT required.

Bone Density: $30/person (min 8/hour)

Utilizes ultrasound technology to calculate bone density at the heel site.

Cholesterol Screening (min 15 people/hour)

Finger-stick method gives results in minutes.

  • Total and HDL (good) cholesterol (non-fasting): $19/person
  • Total, HDL & Glucose (non-fasting): $21/person
  • Total, HDL, LDL & Triglyceride (fasting): $23/person
  • Total, HDL, LDL, Triglyceride & Glucose (fasting): $25/person

Comprehensive Blood Panel: $35/per person (min 15/hour)

Includes CBC, CHEM & Risk. Requires fasting.

Dermascan: $60/hour

Using non-invasive black-light to find sun damage on your face and neck.

Drinking Goggles: $60/hour

"Walk the line" while wearing these goggles to simulate alcohol impairment while you are sober.

Fit Demo Both: $60/hour

Ask a fitness professional your burning exercise questions and learn how to stay "fit while you sit".

Flu Shots: $30/person (min 15/hour)


Hand Washing: $60/hour

How well do you protect yourself from germs? Experiment with glitter bug powder to teach the importance of hand washing.

Hearing Screening: $60/ hour

A quick test to check your hearing. Requires a separate quite room.

PSA: $25/person (min 15/hour)

Shows presence of elevation of prostate specific antigen.

Pulmonary Function: $15/person

Using the EasyOne Spirometer, determine whether or not you have normal lung function.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): $30/person (min 4/hour)

The MedGem indirect calorimeter by HealtheTech is a handheld device that determines your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Requires fasting and no caffeine.

TSH screening for Hypothyroidism: $25/person (min 15/hour)

Finger-stick screening for hypothyroidism with immediate results.

Vision Screening: $60/hour

Check your eyesight, do you need glasses?

How Can I Bring HealthWorks to My Workplace?

To develop the best program for your organization, contact HealthWorks today!

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  • E-mail: HealthWorks, Director of Health Promotion

Fees are structured to be affordable for both large and small companies.

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