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Who can request an eConsult?

Physicians with current clinical privileges at Virginia Hospital Center may request an eConsult through Virginia Hospital Center’s membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Typically, eConsults are specialist-to-specialist.

Is there any charge associated with an eConsult?

There is no charge to either the patient or referring physician related to the eConsult. The service is provided as part of Virginia Hospital Center’s membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

How do I request an eConsult?

To submit an eConsult request, please CLICK HERE.

Can I send two questions with my eConsult?

No. eConsults are limited to one question per eConsult request, unless the second question is a follow-up sub-specialty question to the original question. To request two questions for one patient, submit two eConsults.

Can Mayo Clinic Care Network Physicians with individualized access submit their own eConsults rather than have the eConsult Coordinator submit the requests?

No. Mayo requires that eConsult requests be submitted through specified eConsult coordinators.

Can I request a “rush” eConsult for either inpatient or outpatient requests?

No. eConsults are not designed to provide immediate feedback for inpatient care.
If the patient is in a long-term hospital stay, an eConsult for a hospitalized patient may be acceptable.
Please note turnaround time of 4-6 business days.
If there is an immediate need to discuss a patient’s care with a Mayo Clinic physician, send an e-mail to MCCNSupport@mayo.edu or contact 855.515.1308 or 507.284.9489 to discuss options.

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