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An eConsult is an electronic method for a Mayo Clinic specialist to answer a physician’s focused question about a patient’s diagnosis, therapy or management, through a review of the patient’s electronic medical record, imaging studies and laboratory tests. Prior to requesting an eConsult for your patient, please search “Ask Mayo Expert” to see if a similar question has already been answered.

To submit an eConsult request

  1. 1. Download and complete the eConsult request. Please follow the Mayo Clinic eConsult Requirements when completing the form.


  2. Submit the completed form, your clinical summary, and any non-Virginia Hospital Center supporting materials by secure email or fax to703.558.MAYO (703.558.6296).
  3. A member of the Virginia Hospital Center eConsult team will review the request and contact your office if additional information or clarification is needed for submission to Mayo Clinic.
  4. A Mayo Clinic specialist will complete the eConsult. You will be notified by email when the completed consult report is available. Typical turnaround time, excluding time for Mayo Clinic pathology review if applicable, is within four business days of Mayo Clinic’s receipt of all materials supporting the eConsult request.

For further details about eConsults, please visit the FAQ page.

Mayo Clinic eConsult Requirements

Please address each item to ensure timely processing and completion of the eConsult. Click on each item below for more details.

Provide a Clinical Summary

The clinical summary provides a concise clinical history to your Mayo Clinic colleague. This summary can be the most recent clinical note in your EMR, or a separate narrative document including the following components:

  • Primary Reason for Request
  • Specific Question being asked
    • The question must be specific to your patient’s medical diagnosis
    • The question must be clear and succinct
  • General Supporting Patient Information (age, sex, medication list, vital sign, etc.)
  • Summary of Medical Problem
    • Chief Complaint
    • Chronological history of present illness:
      • History (relevant information from initial and past clinical notes)
      • Primary/differential diagnosis
      • Details of prior testing
      • History of prior treatments
      • Impressions and Plan

Provide Additional Supporting Information

Please identify specific clinical records that you believe would be valuable for the Mayo Clinic consultant to use for their evaluation. The eConsult coordinator will send the Virginia Hospital Center results specified on the eConsult form to Mayo Clinic. You or your staff must provide any non-Virginia Hospital Center clinical information that you wish to be considered in the eConsult. Limit the eConsult submission to relevant supporting clinical information.
  • Clinical Notes in chronological order, current to oldest
  • Relevant Reports
  • Image files
  • Labs (send labs dated within the most recent 6 months only)
  • Pathology

Ensure Legibility

Ensure documents which you provide are legible and of good visual quality

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