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Forgot username/password

If you forgot your username, you can click on “forgot username” on the home screen. Once you answer the questions, if there is a match, you will receive an email with your user name.

Locked out of Account

If you have previously set up your 3 password recovery questions on initial login, you can unlock your account yourself. On the login screen enter you username, then click “Forgot Password”. If you need additional assistance unlocking your account, please fill out the “Contact Support” section below and we will unlock your account. You will be contacted once your account is available.

Request an Account

If you would like to request a patient portal account, please complete the form below. We can only grant portal access to those who have been patients here at Virginia Hospital Center since 2013, and are over the age of 18, and currently have a Continuity of Care document, radiology or lab results available to view. At this time, we do not allow access to medical information other than your own (except in the case of children/minors).

Can't see all of my test results

Currently, only laboratory and radiology results are available on the Patient Portal. Results not available on the Portal must be obtained through the ordering physician. From the time laboratory or radiology tests have resulted, it takes approximately 72 hours for most results to display in the Patient Portal. Remember, some laboratory tests take several days or weeks to result. Results may display historically as far back as early 2013.

If you would like to obtain laboratory results, please contact the Laboratory directly at 703.558.6541.

If you would like to obtain radiology results and/or images, please contact the Radiology Film Library at 703.558.6329.

Information from my doctor’s visit

The Virginia Hospital Center Patient Portal does not contain any information from your doctor’s office at this time. To inquire about existing online portal capabilities from your physician’s office, please contact the office directly. If you are a patient of one of the doctors with the Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group practices, you can access your office visit information on the VHC Physician Group Portal.

Contact Support

If the answers we have provided above did not help and you need to request support, please submit the form below.

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We consider the privacy of your health information to be one of the most important elements in our relationship with you and one we take very seriously. This communication does contain protected health information (PHI) that is legally protected from inappropriate disclosure by the Privacy Standards of HIPAA and relevant Virginia Laws.

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