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Join us for a special event on Saturday, September 16. You can meet members of the team that will support your entry into parenthood. Get to know our OB/GYNs, neonatologist, certified nurse midwives, and ask them questions.

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Medical Services

Women's Health

At Virginia Hospital Center, we understand that not every patient in Women & Infant Health is here to deliver a baby. Our commitment to providing outstanding, personalized medical care extends to women who have entrusted their gynecologic surgery to us.

From the moment she enters the Hospital, to the superior treatment she receives, to the comfort of her private room (whether it is used for only a few hours before and after an outpatient surgery, or overnight after an inpatient procedure) every patient will be the focus of our highly skilled physicians and nurses, all of whom have training on the unique requirements of the gynecologic surgery patient.

Women's Health Medical Services

Virginia Hospital Center's state-of-the-art Women's Health Medical Services offer the most advanced technologies and expertise to evaluate and treat patients with a wide range of disorders and are well equipped to handle routine gynecological procedures as well as complex conditions that have not responded to previous treatment.

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Female Surgeons

Medical conditions may be difficult. Conversations about them, don't have to be.

All things being equal, many women prefer to go to a female physician rather than a male physician for their colon and rectal, urogynecological and breast healthcare. When a female patient has a sensitive condition requiring highly-specialized surgical care, there are few female experts to whom she can turn.

Fortunately, Virginia Hospital Center has six female surgeons who possess advanced surgical training and specific focus in their area of expertise, which may make patients feel more comfortable and less embarrassed by their treatment because it is being administered by a woman. And for patient convenience, these five surgeons provide care in one easily-accessible location:


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