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The Wellness Scan

What if there were a simple and painless procedure that could reassure you about the state of your health or detect medical conditions before they become severe? A test you could schedule with just one phone call, have during your lunch hour, and still have time to eat? What if you could get access to this procedure through a reputable, technologically advanced and conveniently located hospital?

You can stop imagining. The technology is here today. It's called the Wellness Scan, and it's available right now at Virginia Hospital Center.

The Wellness Scan uses very low dose CT scanning in lieu of just computerized tomography (CT) scanning to take cross-section views, or "slices," of your body to find tumors, blockages or damage to arteries, and other signs of medical problems. Using this sophisticated technology, Virginia Hospital Center can provide you with a clear view of your health status. So you can relax and enjoy knowing that you are a picture of good health.

The Procedure

The entire Wellness Scan will take about 30 minutes. No referral from a physician is required. Undergoing a Wellness Scan is about as simple as a medical procedure can be, beginning with scheduling. Registering through Radiology Scheduling Center allows you to go directly to our Radiology Department, where you will drink eight ounces of fluid before the scan begins. That's all the preparation needed.

The process itself, whether a whole-body scan or a heart scan, takes only 15 minutes. You lie back comfortably in the open-ring CT scanner, and we do the rest. The test emits only a small amount of ionizing radiation.

Because the Wellness Scan is a diagnostic procedure, its cost of $850 is not covered by insurance. Payment in advance is required and can be made by credit card when you register.

Professional Consultation

When your scan is complete, you'll have the opportunity to discuss the results with one of our board-certified radiologists, who review all Wellness Scan studies. The physician will guide you through the images, explain any findings, and answer any questions you have.

You will also receive a digital copy of your scan on CD-ROM to take your personal physician. This CD will work on any computer system, because the software required is included on the disk. And if you need referral to a physician, Virginia Hospital Center can help. Our Referral Service can provide you with a list of doctors accredited by our Hospital, so you can choose the physician you want to work with to ensure your continued good health.

Personal Assurance

The Wellness Scan is not designed to diagnose disease in someone who is experiencing symptoms. Instead, it's intended to screen for the presence of potential problems in patients. People who could consider a wellness scan include, those over age 35, who may be at higher risk of certain diseases - coronary artery disease, defects in blood vessels such as aneurysms, gall bladder and kidney diseases, including stones, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and emphysema.

By detecting these problems early, before patients begin to have symptoms, the Wellness Scan can help patients receive treatment when it is most effective, minimizing complications and costs. For those who are in good health, the Wellness Scan can provide the reassurance you want and need.

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