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Nuclear Imaging - SPECT/CT

Nuclear imaging uses radioisotopes that are specifically tagged for a particular organ or cellular activity. A small amount of radioactive tracer is injected into the vein, which goes to an area where the targeted tissues are active. The SPECT/CT combines the physiologic information from the nuclear medicine scan with the anatomic information from the CT scan in one image. In the scan shown, the red area indicates a stress fracture at the base of the second metatarsal joint.

  • Clearer, more detailed scans
  • Improved 3D imaging
  • Greater precision

These are just some of the benefits of Virginia Hospital Center’s new GE Optima SPECT/CT to diagnostic radiologists. It offers patients shorter procedure times and lower radiation doses — up to 40-50% less.

The most advanced of its kind, the new SPECT/CT Scanner combines both CT and nuclear medicine imaging to capture images of greater clarity, which can result in improved diagnostic accuracy. With up to 40% faster imaging time than previous generation scanners, studies are completed in less time — enhancing patient comfort and significantly reducing radiation exposure.

The SPECT/CT Scanner is commonly used to image the heart to identify arterial blockages or scarring from a previous heart attack. It also is an excellent diagnostic tool for tumors and orthopedic conditions. The scanner’s 3D reconstructions are especially helpful to us in pinpointing stress fractures and small occult fractures not visible on X-rays.

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