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“As a result of 2.5 hours of pushing for delivery of my first born I ended up with a bladder prolapse. I could not walk from one end of my house to the other without urinating myself. As a runner, this was devastating to me. When I went to see my urologist, he recommended pelvic mesh surgery. After my husband found the pelvic floor rehabilitation center at Virginia Hospital, we decided that before surgery we would pursue rehab. It is not an exaggeration to say that Pany saved my life, my ability to run again. When I became pregnant with my second and begged Pany to recommend a c-section instead of vaginal birth, she and I worked together for over 8 months… I was able to deliver vaginally with practically no further complications. I wish I had found her from the beginning. Pany deserves to be a billionaire for the lives she gives back to her patients.”
— J. K.-F., 36 years old, 2016.

“I had thought that pelvic floor physical therapy was for women only, I was wrong. After a life-long struggle with chronic urological inflammation and infections, I was willing to try anything. Pany Nazari spent time explaining the anatomical issues, gave me great advice on strengthening and better controlling my bladder, and patiently taught me how to exercise all the muscles related to the pelvic floor. The results were shocking -- I no longer have to urinate in the middle of the night, I feel in control of my bladder, and I'm now exercising daily. I'm losing weight and feeling better than I've felt in decades. Pany is smart, dedicated, and compassionate, and knows how to motivate you to improve. I even looked forward to my physical therapy sessions every week. THANK YOU, Pany! What a difference you've made for me!”
— R.A., 2016.

“Ms. Sikotra put me at complete ease. She very clearly, completely and most professionally explained that my condition was not unusual, and it can be corrected. There’s not a day that goes by, and I cannot imagine a day going by in the future that I don’t think about the leakage problem I had, and how well my condition has been corrected. Ms. Sikotra is a professionalism personified at its best.”
— Franklin B., 2015.

“Twenty years ago a heavy machine was pushed over on me, I pushed back to prevent being crushed and have experienced chronic pelvic pain since this event. The series of treatment I received under the control of Pany Nazari have been measurably helpful, they've relieved 30 - 40 percent of the pain I experienced daily; I anticipate more improvement in my condition. Pany Nazari's skill in communication helped me understand what is causing the pain and how to reduce this pain through exercise and neuro-muscular re-education”.
— Saul C., 2015.

“Pany helped me understand how to retrain my muscles to make my new bladder work. She was a godsend.”
— Richard, 67 years old, 2015. 

Richard W. and Pany Nazari, Senior PT, DPT, BCB-PMD


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