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Orthopedic Surgery

Hand Surgery

With its many small bones, tiny blood vessels and delicate nerves, the human hand is a marvel of engineering—and a serious challenge to both surgical repair and post-surgical rehabilitation. To meet those challenges, Virginia Hospital Center has a team of surgeons - both orthopedic and plastic surgeons, all of whom have completed a subspecialty fellowship in hand surgery - and therapists with specialized training in the repair and rehabilitation of injuries to the lower arm and hand.

When a patient enters Virginia Hospital Center with an injury to the arm below the elbow, one of our hand surgery specialists sees the patient as quickly as possible. The goal is to perform any necessary surgery within the first 12 hours after the injury, if possible, and also to ensure that the patient receives the essential rehabilitation services following surgery. With this rapid surgical intervention and highly specialized rehabilitation, Virginia Hospital Center patients can achieve maximum mobility after a hand injury.

The Hospital's orthopedic hand expertise isn't limited to trauma or acute injuries; it also includes surgical and nonsurgical interventions and rehabilitation for overuse injuries (repetitive motion disorders) such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other diseases, and circulatory and nerve conditions.


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