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"Since I started treatment, I haven’t missed a group. Even when I could barely get myself off the couch, I went. And I always felt better afterwards. The energy that is shared is uplifting and empowering, no matter how low you feel. I don’t think of this as a support group. It’s more about getting together with friends who happen to be on the same journey.”

– Jessica Ganzer.

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Cancer Care

Cancer Resource Center
Providing Support When You Need It Most

If you or a loved one have recently received a cancer diagnosis, you probably feel overwhelmed – not only by the medical implications but by fears about how your illness and treatment will affect your marriage, children, family, friendships, job security and self-image.

The Cancer Resource Center at Virginia Hospital Center can help you through these issues at the time of diagnosis, during your treatment and afterward. We understand that in addition to the physical toll that surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy take on the body, there are emotional consequences. Coping with these stresses is an integral part of the healing process and our core mission.

How We Can Help

Focusing on survivorship, the Cancer Resource Center offers a broad range of support services for patients and their families, all of which are free:


  • Programs and classes on clinical topics and complementary therapies
  • The Barbra Marcus Kolton Resource Library, which has books, pamphlets, medical periodicals, a community bulletin board and a user-friendly computer for online searches on oncology topics

Support and Assistance

  • Support groups tailored to specific diagnoses or topics
  • Help with referrals for equipment, transportation or social services
  • Complimentary wigs, scarves, and hats
  • Look Good, Feel Better program
  • Information on cancer-related rehabilitation services

Professional Staff Consultations

The staff of the Cancer Resource Center works very closely with the physicians and staff throughout Virginia Hospital Center to assist cancer patients with helpful guidance through their journey from diagnosis to survivorship:

Hours of Operation

The Center is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays.

Convenient Location

The Cancer Resource Center is on the ground floor of the Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Outpatient Oncology Center (Zone C), just down the hall from the Outpatient Infusion Center and Radiation Oncology.

Parking is available in the Parking C for a nominal fee.

Parking & Campus Map

Summer Skin Care Tips for the Family

  • Always apply sunscreen when you will be in the sun.
  • The sun is most dangerous between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Children over six months should wear sunscreen that is reapplied every two hours, more often when they are swimming or sweating. Children younger than six months should be kept out of the direct sun.
  • Sunglasses and hats are always a great idea when outdoors!
Contact Info
  • Main Number: 703.558.5555
  • Director of Oncology Support Services: 703.558.6913
  • Patient Navigator: 703.558.5566
  • Patient Navigator for Breast Services: 703.558.6440
  • Breast Health Navigator: 703.558.6908
  • Lung Cancer Screening: 703.558.8525

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