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da Vinci Surgical System

The surgeons at Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group - Urology are some of the most experienced physicians in the entire mid-Atlantic region in using the da Vinci robotic technology. Dr. Mordkin first became involved in robotic procedures in 2004, shortly after the device was approved by the FDA for use in the United States. The surgeons have now performed hundreds of these robotic operations and routinely use the da Vinci robot for nearly all of the cancer surgeries that they perform, particularly in the surgical management of prostate cancer and kidney cancer. Dr. Mordkin and Dr. Joel routinely travel to other hospitals throughout the country to teach some of their specialized robotic skills. Dr. Mordkin serves as the Director of Robotic Surgery at the Virginia Hospital Center.

Expertise in Robotic Surgery

Robotic Prostatectomy Video

This video is courtesy of American Health Front

Robotic-assisted Partial Nephrectomy Success Story

For Robert Unger of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, his kidney cancer was discovered as an incidental finding on his annual chest CT scan. “I was lucky it was found so early,” he says. “My doctor felt surgery to remove my entire kidney was too risky for me, considering my lung disease and my family history of diabetes. He was adamant about trying to save as much of my kidney as possible and referred me to Dr. Mordkin for robotic surgery.” “The care I received at Virginia Hospital Center was excellent,” Robert recalls. “My wife stayed with me in my private room during the one night I was in the hospital. Best of all, I still have two-thirds use of my kidney.” Within 10 days of his surgery, Robert was feeling back to normal. Read more

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