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Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Coming to grips with a colorectal cancer diagnosis is not easy and choosing the right surgeon is one of the most important decisions a patient will make. Of the 70,000 practicing U.S. surgeons, only 1,300 are colorectal surgeons with advanced training. At Virginia Hospital Center, patients have access to board-certified colorectal surgeon Rebekah Kim, MD, FACS of Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group – Colorectal Surgery.

Standard treatment for colon and rectal cancer is surgery. Many newly diagnosed patients express concern that colon cancer means colostomy. Today, colostomy is becoming less common, thanks to the advanced treatment options available.

At Virginia Hospital Center:

  • Many colon tumor surgeries are performed laparoscopically through three small incisions resulting in minimal scarring, less pain, a shorter Hospital stay and faster recovery.
  • Some colon surgeries are now being performed with the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System.
  • Early-stage rectal tumors may be removed using a minimally invasive procedure called transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM).
  • Patients have access to all the medical specialists involved in the spectrum of colorectal cancer care, including medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Genetic counseling is also available.
  • The Cancer Resource Center offers an array of free support services, from individual counseling for patients and families to nutritional consults and help with referrals for equipment and transportation.

Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group
– Colorectal Surgery

To learn more about colorectal cancer surgery, visit www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/colorectal-surgery.


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