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Surgery Center

Pre-Op Screening: 703.558.6159 (Lobby A)
Outpatient Surgery: 703.558.6155 (2nd Floor)
Parking A (1625 Building/Main Hospital)

Surgery Prep FAQs

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Please click on the links below to expand or collapse.

How will I feel when I am ready for discharge?

Your postoperative course will depend upon your specific surgery, the type of anesthesia you received, and any medications you received for pain and/or nausea. Home readiness rather than street fitness is the goal after outpatient surgery. This means you are ready to be discharged home for further recuperation. It is common to feel sleepy, drowsy, or slightly nauseated after a surgical procedure for about 24 hours. It is recommended that someone be with you for the first 24 hours.

When do I talk with the anesthesiologist?

You will be called to the operating room holding area ahead of your scheduled operation time to meet with the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist will review your medical history and discuss with you the type of anesthesia best for your surgery. You will have the opportunity to ask questions prior to your anesthesia.

Do I get to talk with my surgeon after the surgery?

The surgeon generally talks with your designated family/friend after the surgery. Remember, you will have a post-op visit where you can talk with your surgeon.

Where does my designated family/friend wait?

In the Outpatient Surgery waiting room located on the second floor of the Hospital, Zone A.

Where should my designated family/friend park?

The Hospital features a six-level underground parking garage. To reach this garage, bear right at the main entrance and follow the signs for "Parking A." Once you've parked, take the garage elevators to the Hospital lobby. In the lobby, turn left and take the Hospital elevators to the second floor. On the second floor, turn right and you will see the receptionist for Outpatient Surgery.

How much does it cost to park in the garage?

There is a flat parking fee for an all day pass. For a planned inpatient admission after surgery, there are discount tickets for few days passes available at the cashier's office in the main lobby.

How does my ride home know what time and where to pick me up?

As you progress through your final phase of recovery, your nurse will notify your ride home and arrange a pick-up time. Your ride home should come to the main entrance of the Hospital as listed above. They will be instructed to call Outpatient Surgery upon arrival. At that time, you will be escorted down either in a wheelchair or ambulatory.

When and where do I get my prescriptions filled?

The Virginia Hospital Center Outpatient Pharmacy is conveniently located on the 1st floor of the 1701 building, next to the Food Court (Zone A/B). For more information about out Outpatient Pharmacy's hours of operation and contacts, please click here.

Where is the Hospital Food Court? What are the hours?

Take the Hospital elevators to the first floor (not the Lobby A/ground level). Make a right turn and follow the walkway to the end for the Food Court will be on your right.

Can we use cell phones and personal computers in the Hospital?

You may use cell phones in all public areas (main lobby and waiting rooms). Cell phones are NOT to be used at the patient bedside, treatment rooms, nursing units, etc. Laptop computers may be used but they must be operated on their own internal battery. They are NOT to be connected to the Hospital's network or power supply. WiFi Internet Access is available for the use of official Virginia Hospital Center guests, Virginia Hospital Center patients, patient’s families, and patient’s guests. Any other use is unauthorized.

What is the telephone number I can give my designated family/friend to inquire how I am doing?

Outpatient Surgery Department: 703.558.6155.

Is there a Hospital Chaplain? Where is the Hospital Chapel?

If you desire to talk with the Hospital Chaplain, please inform an OPS staff member and the Chaplain will be paged. The Chapel is located in the Main Lobby (Parking A, Zone A). To read more, please click here.

Patient Experience

Virginia Hospital Center is committed to providing the highest quality care for its patients. We are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction and in keeping all of our patients very satisfied throughout their visit. Please address any concerns/questions/comments with the charge nurse on duty.

We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to contact our Patient Experience department at or 703.558.6195.

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