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Executive Health

Executive Health at Virginia Hospital Center welcomes both individual patrons and corporate clients. The program provides personalized health assessments to busy individuals in a relaxing environment.

With Executive Health, everything is pre-planned for you. Comprehensive medical evaluations are scheduled in a single day and each visit includes plenty of time for consultation and discussion with our expert staff. No matter how busy you are, taking care of your health should be a top priority.

The program gives you access to exceptional medical care, so you can conveniently schedule important screenings and exams in a single day. Your experience will be expedited through personalized services including:

  • Sessions with physicians and medical staff in a "no rush" atmosphere allowing for questions and in-depth discussion
  • A dedicated program manager who facilitates all details and escorts you throughout the day
  • A detailed exam itinerary provided in advance

The Executive Health suite offers state-of-the-art technology and spacious, contemporary interiors. Our VIP lounge is reserved exclusively for Executive Health patrons.

Executive Health Services

Executive Health at Virginia Hospital Center is designed for the busy executive. The program offers a complete set of health evaluations coordinated and scheduled in a single day, at a single location.
After arriving at the Hospital, being escorted through a private entrance and relaxing in a VIP lounge, the typical visit may consist of the following assessments and preventative strategies (please click on the links below to expand or collapse):


  • Comprehensive Medical History and Physical Examination
  • Laboratory Screening Tests
    For men: Prostate exam and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) screening included
  • Exercise Stress Test
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Screening CT Scan of the Chest to include a Coronary Calcium Scan
  • Screening Pulmonary Function
  • Final interview with Internal Medicine doctor, including review of test results

Premium – includes all Core Services, plus

  • Screening CT Scan of the Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis
  • Eye Examination by Ophthalmologist
  • Stress Echocardiogram (if indicated)
  • Vascular Screening Ultrasound or Non-Invasive Vascular Lab Studies

Select (self-referral or prescribed by physician)

  • Additional Lab Studies as indicated by screening or exam
  • Bone Mineral Density Test
  • Colonoscopy (Traditional or Virtual)
  • Complete Audiogram by Audiologist
  • Complete Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Consultation with Specialist (Dermatology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurology, Otolaryngology, etc.)
  • Coronary Artery CT Scan
  • CT Scan of Thorax and/or Abdomen and/or Pelvis
  • Dermatology/Skin Cancer Screening by Dermatologist
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Immunizations (international travel immunizations available)
  • Tetanus
  • Mammogram
  • MRI of Joint(s), Brain or Spine
  • Nutrition Assessment (including BMI) and Consultation with Licensed Nutritionist
  • Evaluation of Heart Valve Function
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease Study

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