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  • Adaptive/Seated Yoga

    Therapeutic yoga class for those with limited mobility aims to nurture and restore your body and mind.

  • Boost Your Balance

    Reduce fall risk, improve your balance & stability.

  • Exercise Fundamentals

    Learn the basics of exercise to create and maintain a healthy routine.

  • Feldenkrais - Awareness through Movement

    Learn how gentle movement can enhance function, ease pain and improve your mobility. Appropriate for all levels.

  • Fitness Fusion

    Class combines cardio, strength & stretching for a great overall workout.

  • Gentle Pilates

    Mat-based Pilates class to gently strengthen core muscles and improve posture. Special needs and limitations accomodated.

  • Gentle Yoga

    Restore flexibility and ease tensions.

  • Seated Senior Fitness

    The workout strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle power, & enhances overall physical function while seated on a sturdy chair.

  • Senior Strength & Stretch

    Gently build strength & improve flexibility. 45 minute class. All levels welcome!

  • Seniorcise w/Azita

    Maintain & regain strength and balance. Class includes low-impact cardio, strength building, and stretching. All levels welcome.

Page of 2, showing items 1-10 of 15.