Senior Associates Department

Phone: 703.558.6970


Senior Associates Program

Virginia Hospital Center recognizes that our seniors are a vital part of our community. It is our goal to make their experience with the Hospital the very best; that is why we created the Senior Associates Membership Program for our patrons 60 years and older.

This annual membership program provides a variety of exclusive Hospital benefits:

  • Complimentary Hospital Parking for up to 50 visits (must scan barcoded card upon entering and exiting the garage; no parking attendants)

  • Free Activation towards the Virginia Hospital Center's Philips Lifeline Set-Up Fee

  • 15% Off the Hospital’s Exercise Classes; to obtain code, please call the Health Promotion Department at 703.558.6740

  • 20% Off Hospital Food Court Purchases

A yearly fee: $50 (single person) or $70 (couple).

Philips Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System

“My three daughters urged me to get a personal medical alert system after my husband died in early 2010. I enrolled in Philips Lifeline through Virginia Hospital Center… But more important – Lifeline literally saved my life. One day I was weeding in my garden and suddenly could not breathe; I pressed the Lifeline button which I always wear, and within a few minutes I heard the wonderful sound of the approaching ambulance. I was treated by the EMTs and taken to Mt. Vernon Hospital where I spent several days… Fortunately, I have not had to call on Lifeline since then but recommend that any person living alone make this investment.”
— Sandy K.

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