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Personal Emergency Response System

The technology behind Lifeline’s Auto Alert.

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Since 1991, Virginia Hospital Center has been a hospital-based provider of the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System for the entire Northern Virginia and Northwest DC Metro Region. The Senior Health Department locally manages the equipment by helping set it up in your home and maintain the system. This wearable technology is waterproof and works in tandem with a compact speaker that is placed in your home. Nationwide, Philips Lifeline is the largest personal emergency response service. Locally, Virginia Hospital Center continues to provide the best medical care and technology for the community, fostering independence as we age in place.

Why Virginia Hospital Center and Philips Lifeline?

  • Philips Lifeline’s standard service has been nationally recognized for 40 years
  • Virginia Hospital Center has been nationally recognized for providing unparalleled service to the Metro Region.
  • Virginia Hospital Center is the only hospital in the metro region that offers the Philips Lifeline service to "at-risk" patients upon discharge as part of the Safe Transition for Hospital Patients (STHP) program.
  • Virginia Hospital Center Senior Health Department staff will help you maintain your Lifeline service with one-to-one assistance.
  • Virginia Hospital Center continues to be a leader in healthy aging in the community. We continue to develop new services and provide technological advances to help foster aging independently.

Help is Available 24-hours a Day

A small two-way speaker utilizes your current phone line in your home. If you need help, you can feel secure knowing that help is available 24-hours a day by a simple push of a lightweight button. This will activate a call to Lifeline’s monitoring center. Your Lifeline operator will contact a designated friend, family member, or contact your local 911.

Auto Alert Fall Detection Service

Falls affect more Americans age 65 and older than heart attack and stroke combined. One in three older adults fall each year, resulting in fatal and non-fatal injuries. Fall prevention programs, such as exercise programs and fall-risk assessments, can reduce the risk of falling and help older adults live longer and more independently. Not all falls can be prevented, however, and about half of older adults who fall cannot get back up without help.

In 2010, Philips Lifeline introduced the patented fall detection service: AutoAlert. Along with the same functionality of their standard service, the AutoAlert provides a fall detection technology built within the Personal Help Button (PHB) and supports earlier intervention. The Philips Lifeline with Auto Alert has proven fall detection built in, and places a call for help if a fall is detected, even if you are unable to push the button.

GoSafe Mobile Help Button

Virginia Hospital Center is delighted to offer the Philips Lifeline GoSafe Mobile Help Button. GoSafe expands the standard service with AutoAlert for both in your home and while you are on the go. The smart button will utilize up to six locating technologies in the event you need help away from home.

The features and technology behind Philips Lifeline’s GoSafe Mobile service.

Safe Transition for Hospital Patients (STHP)

We recognize the transition from hospital to home is a critical time. The Senior Health Dept. will set up the Philips Lifeline service at no cost for two months for "at risk" patients upon discharge from Virginia Hospital Center.

Virginia Hospital Center Foundation’s Lifeline Assistance Fund

In partnership with Virginia Hospital Center’s Foundation, the Senior Health Department developed The Lifeline Assistance Fund to help "at-risk and in-need" individuals subsidize the Lifeline service and remain in their homes with confidence and safety. Since implementing the fund in 2009, we have supported over 60 people in the Northern Virginia Metro Region.

Every tax-deductible contribution to the Lifeline Assistance Fund, regardless of size, makes a difference.

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