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Virtual Wellness


All lectures available as webinar. The cost is $275/webinar and includes a list of attendees and copy of the recording if using our webinar platform. For a full list of lectures, visit the Lectures and Workshops page.

    30 Minute, Four Part Webinar Series

    $525/series. This is a four part series of 30 minute webinars on the one of the topic series. Visit the Lectures and Workshops page for available topics 

    Package Options

    Virtual Wellness Fair Package

    $250/hr. Mix and match from our list of one hour and half hour programming below to host your virtual wellness fair with us. These services can be lumped together in one day or spread out over a week or two. Includes one raffle prize, promotional flyer, and educational handouts. Minimum of two hours for discounted package pricing and sessions must be hosted within two weeks.

    Add Ons:

    • Fitness Classes
    • Cooking Demos
    • Add use of our GoToWebinar platform for Benefits, Insurance, Financial, Other Vendors

    Energize and Elevate Employee Wellness Package

    $525. When was the last time your employees had an outing that replenished them? If you're like most, it's been a while. Join us for a virtual day in that feels like a day out! This package includes four, thirty minute sessions that can be hosted at any time.

    Let's Break the Ice
    Staying socially connected is imperative to our happiness. Let's get to really know each other and learn socializing techniques. The amount of participation is totally up to each individual. We will interact/socialize and find out who likes dogs versus cats, what our favorite foods are, if could live anywhere in the world where would it be, what kind of music do you like…

    Abhyanga – the art of self-massage
    The art of abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of your own body. Join us as we teach movements to alleviate stress and tension through self-massage.

    Cooking Demo: Decadent Healthy Desserts
    A decadent dessert doesn’t have to be completely against the rules. In fact, it’s entirely possible to enjoy that decadence while maintaining a healthy habits.

    Total Wellness Trivia
    Games have been proven great for our emotional wellness. Laughter, engagement and learning are all components for lowering our stress levels. Let’s all have some fun and get healthy doing it!

    Self-Care Virtual Package

    $525. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Join us for four, thirty minute sessions learning ways to being a better YOU!!

    Mindful Nature Therapy
    There are many benefits of mindfulness in nature. Join us indoors or outdoors for a Zoom journey to awaken your senses and find your Zen.

    Embracing Self-Compassion
    Master ways to be kinder towards yourself and release your inner critic with this webinar on tapping into your own kindness.

    Make Your Own Shower or Bath Bombs
    Learn to enhance time for yourself by utilizing aromatherapy with your own homemade shower or bath bombs. 

    Infused Water and Ice Cubes
    Make your hydration efforts more exciting by learning how to infuse herbs, veggies and fruit for enhanced flavor and health benefits in your water and ice cubes.

    Healthy Holiday Package


    Fun Festive Crafting
    Tapping into your creative side can help to improve your overall health and well-being. Sit down with us for a session of easy to make, beautiful holiday crafts!

    Healthy Holiday Trivia
    We all handle the season differently but injecting a bit of joy into the workday can certainly help beat the cold weather doldrums. Take some time to have fun with us in this winter edition of our favorite wellness trivia. Don't forget to wear your ugly holiday sweater!

    Holly Jolly Dance Workout
    Bring some joy to your day and join us for a holiday-themed workout with festive exercise moves and extra cheer.

    Winter Weather Mocktails
    Let's make holiday mocktails together that are so festive and tasty, nobody will ever feel left out of the party.

    A La Carte Virtual Services

    One Hour Programming - $300

    Group Huddle with a Personal Trainer
    Join our personal trainer to ask your burning exercises and fitness related questions in a group format. Our personal trainer will be on video to answer your questions and you can share video or ask questions through our chat feature or can choose to just listen in.

    Dine with a Dietitian
    Chat with our Registered Dietitian about your nutrition related questions in a group format. Our Dietitian will be on video to answer your questions and you can share video or ask questions through our chat feature or can choose to just listen in.

    Wellness Webinars
    Click to be directed to lecture page

    Half Hour Programming - $150

    Emotional Resiliency Reboot
    Let us help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and maintain resilience during stressful times so that you can become a master of your emotions.

    Energy Boost
    Take an energizing, 30 min fitness break that will combine cardio, core & stretching. No equipment necessary!

    Promoting Empathy in a Hybrid Workplace
    Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions of others and to imagine how others feel. It's a key tool in bringing out the best in you and the people you work with.

    Feed the Mind with Brain Games
    Let us test your brain synapses in this fun and interactive game session that includes questions about trivia, language, memory, puzzles, and word problems.

    Happy Place Meditation
    Practice a meditation activity with one of our staff members. Let them guide you through increasing your awareness and tuning in with your senses.

    How to be Successful in a Virtual Workplace
    In our ever changing world employees have been thrust into a more virtual work environment. Learn the importance of proper communication, setting up your space and virtual etiquette in a remote work setting.

    Music and Wellness
    Learn the power of music and how it can influence us psychologically and physically. Each participant is invited to share a song that gives them strength and we will compile the songs to make a playlist for the group that is sure to inspire and move you!

    Mindful Crafting
    Mend your mood by putting your mind to work creating something. Crafting can help reduce stress, improve your mental wellness, fight aging, improve hand-eye coordination, and help with other health issues.

    Power Core
    Join us to build those important core muscle groups. Enjoy a variety of exercises to strengthen your abdomen and back muscles and increase your flexibility.

    Relaxation Guided Imagery Activity
    This is a simple and convenient technique to relax your mind and relieve tension. We will guide you through a scenario that will help you imagine yourself into a relaxed state.

    Setup a Healthy Workspace at Home or Work
    Come learn from our Physical Therapist about some of the simple ways you can make your home and work stations ergonomically efficient to reduce pain with prolonged sitting and less than ideal positions.

    Soulful Stretching
    Find your balance through the art of meaningful stretching. We will guide you through easy stretches you can do at your desk that will help relieve the pressure that sitting and awkward positions have on the body and help you attain a state of composure and tranquility.

    Staying Socially Connected
    Feeling connected to others can be difficult for many of us. Healthy relationships are imperative to our overall wellness.  Learn how to connect with others as our world continues to change.

    The Science of Happiness
    Top 7 insights to help you improve mood & well-being during these challenging times. Based on information from Yale University’s “Happiness Lab.

    Total Wellness Virtual Bingo
    It's game night, so bring on the fun, but don't be surprised if have some laughs and you learn some wellness facts along the way!

    Transitioning Back to the Workplace
    Many employees have been working from home for the last year and now find it time to head back to the office. Let us help you prepare mentally and physically for this big adjustment with tips and tricks to make this a smooth transition.

    Wellness Trivia Happy Hour or Any Hour
    Test your health and wellness knowledge with us in this interactive game of trivia. Winner gets a fancy shmancy certificate and bragging rights!

    Walk it Out!
    Join us for a walk! Jump on a call with us as we inspire you and guide you through the proper technique and benefits of walking.

    Other Virtual Services

    Cooking Demos (1 Hour) - $350
    Options Include: Heart Healthy Dishes, Six Healthy Snacks, Breakfast of Champions, Lunches to Go, Healthy Ways to Boost Flavor in Your Dishes, Cook Dinner with Us - "Dinner's Ready!"

    Cooking Demos (Half Hour) - $200
    Options include: Infused Water, Smoothies or Smoothie Bowls, Mocktails, Stews or Chili, Kid Friendly, Appetizers, Comfort Food with a Healthy Twist

    Live Remote Exercise Classes (1 Hour) - $200
    Options include: Body Weight Bootcamp, Cardio Strength Circuit, Pilates, Tai Chi, Seated Yoga, Feldenkrais, Strength & Stretch for Seniors, Build Your Balance, Family Yoga.

    Live Remote Exercise Classes (Half Hour)- $110
    Options include: Energy Boost, Power Core, Soulful Stretching, Walk it Out!

    Book 3+ classes in a month and receive $25 off each class