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Lectures Available Via Webinar

All lectures and webinars are about an hour and include time for Q&A. The cost for each is $275 and includes the attendee report and a link to the recording. Webinars can be hosted for up to 500 participants. With an increasingly mobile workforce this option helps you to meet your employees wherever they are since it is accessible from anywhere on any device. Speakers will present in a virtual setting with interactive aspects such as polls, hand raising, Q&A, chat, and handouts.

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Disease Prevention and Management

Allergies & Asthma
This talk focuses on how the body reacts to foreign, but non-dangerous “intruders” by creating an allergic reaction. Topics covered include seasonal allergies, some food allergies, and pet allergies. A variety of treatment options is also covered. Asthma is also discussed as a separate, but many times related chronic disease.

Be Stroke Smart
Can you recognize stroke symptoms? Do you know what to do during the critical first five minutes following a stroke? Participants learn stroke facts, steps to reduce stroke risk and the warning signs of a stroke.

Boosting Your Immunity
We all want to STAY healthy, right? Attend this exciting seminar and learn big and small ways we can help or hurt our immune systems. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: addressing common supplement claims, alternative medicine myths and facts, and everyday lifestyle choices we can make to keep a STRONG immune system.

Breast Health Education
Participants are given an overview of breast cancer including prevalence, what cancer is and the various risk factors. The steps to early detection are emphasized including discussions on the importance and advantages of clinical exams, breast self-exams and mammography.

Complementary Medicine 101
More and more methods and techniques that have been used for thousands of years in other countries are being recognized as potentially safe and helpful alternative and/or complimentary treatment options for many common ailments/diseases. This talk will be an overview, touching on some of the most common and widely accepted techniques.

Diabetes Education
Diabetes is one of the fastest growing public health issues in America! Get the latest research results on diabetes including the definition and history of diabetes, risk factors, classifications and normal blood glucose levels, diagnostic criteria for diabetes, and treatment options.

Healthy Hearts
Heart Disease is the #1 killer in BOTH men and women in America. The good news is it is up to 90% preventable through lifestyle choice. We will discuss the many ways we can make heart healthy choices everyday as well as non-modifiable like genetic/family history factors that we may not be able to changed, but should be aware of. This talk also serves as an overview of heart health topics such as: cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks.

Know Your Health: A New Look at Why I Smoke and How to Quit
This lecture provides a comprehensive education about smoking and quitting. Topics discussed include: current prevalence statistics, health consequences of smoking, physiological and social effects, and steps and tools to help you quit.

Managing Blood Pressure
Do you know what your blood pressure is? What it should be? Learn about blood pressure including what causes high blood pressure, impacts on your body, and how to reduce your risk for developing high blood pressure.

Men's Health Issues
Do you take better care of your car than your body? What should you know about what's "under the hood"? Get an overview of how to reduce the risk of heart disease and the following cancers: lung, colorectal, prostate & testicular. Learn how prevention and early detection is an important part of routine health maintenance.

Menopause: The Next Chapter
Learn the ins and outs of menopause and how to manage symptoms. Participants learn how to look at this stage of life as the beginning of a dynamic new chapter in their life.

Preventive Health - NEW!
Being proactive with our wellness is often the key to staying healthy. Learn why preventive health is so important and what screenings and healthy habits are essential at each stage of life.

Understanding Osteoporosis
At risk for osteoporosis? Take part in an informational discussion on how to protect yourself, treatment options, bone density screenings and when to see a doctor.

Women’s Health
An overview of some of the most common conditions that affect a woman's health during her lifetime. Topics include menopause, heart disease, osteoporosis, and breast cancer. Also discussed are tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while navigating through specific stages of life.

Women & Heart Disease
Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Learn the basics of heart disease and how you can take action to lower your risk and stay on the road to heart health.


Back Health
Learn important aspects of back care, including how to prevent back injury and recurring back pain through proper posture, body mechanics, and exercise.

Ergonomics for a Healthier You
Receive instruction on proper workstation positioning in order to reduce strain and tension.


Designing Your Personal Strength Workout— Equipment Optional
These days, many of us find ourselves working out at home. Let us guide you to create the perfect strength training workout in the comfort of your own space. Proper form, modifications, progressions and regressions will be discussed. No equipment necessary!

Exercise for Busy People (Only Available Onsite)
Learn how to incorporate activity into your busy day at home, at work or when traveling, with simple but effective exercises. Only available onsite. Participants receive a Dyna-Band and instruction booklet. Tone up in just 20 minutes a day with "equipment" that can fit in a pocket! (Extra $2/person charge for bands).

Exercise- Kick It Up a Notch!
Are you dedicated to your exercise regimen, but bored? If you’re already an active person, you may be looking for ways to take your fitness to the next level. We will discuss ways to challenge your body and mind through increasing the intensity of your already existing workouts and discussing some fun and new ways to challenge yourself. This lecture can inspire anyone to jumpstart their exercise program!

Get Fit While You Sit at Home or Work
Most Americans sit more during each day than is recommended for a healthy body. This talk will give you tips and ideas on how to add activity to even the busiest of work days.

Stretching at Your Desk
You may feel awkward stretching at your desk but right now, as you sit there at your computer, you are doing one of the worst things for your body...sitting still! Learn the benefits and ways to keep your body mobile while you work so that you can keep your body at its prime.

Walk Your Way to Fitness
Learn how to develop your own personalized walking program including proper walking techniques, shoe selection, and safety guidelines

Mental and Emotional Health

Balancing Work & Home
Do you feel like you're constantly doing a juggling act? Is it starting to have a negative effect? Learn how to achieve life balance by exploring the important aspects of your home, work, and self.

Beating Loneliness - Fight the Feeling of Isolation with a Culture of Connection
Loneliness and isolation are two very different things, but both have a negative effect on our health physically and mentally if not addressed. Let us teach you to reshape your social and self-narrative to bring you to a place of balance and happiness.

Boosting Your Brain Power
We want to live to 100, but only if we are still “sharp” right? We will discuss the many methods that research suggests employing to keep your brain at peak functioning. Topics will include, exercise, brain games, food your brain loves, etc.

Holiday Stress Management
Through relaxation techniques and other tips, this lecture will help you learn how to prioritize your holiday commitments, relax in the face of common holiday stressors, and learn how to make your holiday season one to enjoy and not dread!

Humor and Your Health
Positive emotions and a good mood have a huge impact on your stress level and overall health! Learn about skills to cope with stress and how a good sense of humor can help your body and mind function better.

Living Your Best Self
A motivational lecture that encompasses ways to make healthier choices that can lead to a healthier mind and body at home and in the workplace.

Managing Your Emotional Wellness
Life can become an emotional rollercoaster particularly with transforming current events. Join us for a discussion on ways to manage your emotional wellness especially in trying times.

Modern Day Mindfulness
It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our days at work and at home. The practice of mindfulness keeps us present in the moment. We all naturally have this ability but often forget to use it. This lecture will walk you through the art of mindfulness, including what it is and exercises to practice it, as well as why mindfulness is so important in everyday life.

Navigating Care of Your Aging Family Members
It’s not easy talking to our parents about aging issues such as long-term care, finances, home safety and when to stop driving. However, having these conversations before a crisis will ensure that a plan is created that accurately reflects your parents’ wishes. This talk will cover ways to start the conversation, factors to consider, as well as resources.

Positive Body Image and Self Love
Do you feel good about yourself and your body? Does society's weight stigma help or hinder your efforts to love yourself? Join us for a presentation on the concepts of positive body image, self-love, and mindfulness. Learn how to detach your self-worth from your appearance.

Recharge for Good - How to Overcome Fatigue
Feel like you're running on fumes? As we get older, fatigue tends to be a more common complaint. Learn common causes of fatigue and how you can recharge your energy level.

Stress Management 101
Some stress is inevitable and even healthy. The key to not letting stress rule your life, is making sure that you’ve got a healthy “tool kit” to deal with it when it gets to be too much. This talk will give you basics on the biology of stress in our bodies as well as provide numerous suggestions on ways to move through even the most stressful moments in your life.

Time Management
You’ve heard it: time is money, but also happiness and productivity. Examine the correlation between stress and effective time management. Learn how to manage your time effectively and organize your schedule to help reach goals and expectations at home and at work.


Don't Drink Your Calories
Beverages can contain up to 50% of your intake of added sugars plus a lot of extra calories. Some research suggests that liquid calories may contribute to weight gain. Don't let your beverage choices sabotage your healthy eating efforts! This lecture will discuss a number of calories in popular beverages, how to make healthy beverage choices and other helpful tips.

Fueling Women's Health Through the Decades
Learn how to overcome the barriers women face throughout their lifespan in regards to healthy nutrition and lifestyles including societal pressures, work/family balance & hormonal shifts.

Healthy Eating on a Budget
Choosing to buy, cook, and eat healthy food doesn’t have to break the bank. Even in a tight economy, eating for health and wellness can still be doable. Learn tips and tricks for healthy eating with your bank account in

Healthy Eating on the Run
Do you find yourself making food choices on the go more often than not? Do you travel for work and rely on rest stops or airports for your meals? This informative session will give ideas for eating in your car, traveling, or while running from appointment to appointment. We will also discuss healthy foods/snacks to prepare at home or bring with you!

Heart Smart Cookouts
Need new and tasty ideas for healthy food for your summer parties? Come and sample heart smart food and learn valuable food handling, cooking and grilling safety tips.

Jumpstart Your Metabolism
How does metabolism work? What can you do to boost it to higher levels and lose weight? Learn tips to increase your metabolism naturally and without the use of supplements.

Lighten Up for the Holidays
Make your holiday dishes lighter and healthier while still enjoying your favorite foods. Sample a healthy version of pumpkin pie and receive a packet of holiday recipes.

Lighten up with a Lifestyle Change
This presentation covers the steps to take to set yourself up for successful weight loss and weight maintenance. We’ll talk about ways to cut calories during meals and snacks, while eating out, on weekends, and at work.

Meal Planning Made Easy
Let us help you map out your nutritious meals, find balance, and maximize your pantry while navigating the current landscape. The program includes healthy snack ideas, tips for shopping and storing, and quick and easy menu ideas.

MyPlate 101
Learn all about the USDA’s new healthy eating tool. This lecture will show you how to easily integrate its concepts into your nutrition plan.

Myths and Facts about Diet and Cancer Prevention
Confused about what you hear in the news regarding diet and cancer prevention? Learn how to make educated decisions about your diet and lifestyle for better health and lower cancer risk.

Portion Distortion
Do you know how today's portions compare to portions available 20 years ago? Learn what true portion sizes really are, and the amount of physical activity required to burn off the extra calories provided by today's portions.

Recipe Reno
Who has the time to make a home cooked meal, let alone a healthy one? You do! This lecture is for the cook and consumer. Learn how you can make quick, easy, and healthy recipes or tweak your current meals to have a healthier kick.

Supermarket Savvy - A Guide to Shopping Smart & Eating Healthy
What goes in your cart goes in your body! What is the relationship of food, diet & health? Learn how to shop smart by reading food labels for healthy food choices & making easy shopping substitutions.

Supplements: To Take or Not to Take?
It is confusing to try and decipher all of the “research” and media hype about various supplements. We will cover some of the most common nutritional supplements (multivitamins, protein powders, immunity boosters, herbs, etc.) and what the stance is on them today. We will also provide an overview of the supplement industry and what to consider when making supplement choices/purchases.

The Powers of Produce
Learn why mom was right about the amazing properties in eating your fruits and veggies. We will discuss antioxidants, phytochemicals, and how to make sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff in your diet!

What to Know About Popular Diets
The “diet” industry is a billion dollar business. This session will discuss diet trends, review some of the most popular diets and teach participants ways to manage weight with a healthy lifestyle that suits them.


Building Healthy Families
Nutrition and fitness for the whole family. Emphasis on how to obtain and maintain a healthy weight, including special information for overweight children. Topics include portion and serving sizes for everyone in the family, suggestions for meals to make together, and healthy recipes for kids. Strategies for a physically active lifestyle for the family provided.

How to Keep Your Family Engaged
As life has taken us down a different path, many of us have struggled to find ways to keep our household and family members safely engaged. Let us guide you through various ways to stay connected, strengthen bonds, and come up with innovative ideas to share your time together.

Journey to Optimal Wellness
This overarching lecture discusses our five pillars of optimal health – physical activity, nutrition, rest and recovery, mental well-being, and social. Learn how to seize the potential of your health and longevity by utilizing these five pillars to your advantage.

Maintain Healthy Habits Remotely
With the current landscape we’ve experienced an altered sense of “normal” at home. Learn how to maintain your nutrition, mental health, fitness, and self-care in your remote space.

Setting Your Wellness Resolutions and Goals
More than half of all resolutions fail, but that doesn't have to be yours. We'll help you identify the right resolution to improve your life, create a plan on how to reach it, and become part of the small group of people that successfully achieve their goal.

Summer Health & Safety
Learn how to safely enjoy the summer and protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. Learn about skin cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.

Rest Easy – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Still tired when you wake up in the morning? When did you last get a good 8 hours sleep? Learn practical strategies for developing better sleep habits. Participants are taught how to identify behaviors that may signal a problem; the most common sleep problems; common self-care skills for insomnia; and professional resources when self-care isn't enough.

Technology & Wellness
We live in a digital age where so much of what we do is online, on a smartphone or with a gadget of some sort. This talk will cover some of the most common and useful websites, apps, and fitness trackers. Using some of these tools is sure to help keep you motivated and on track with your wellness goals.

Webinar Series - $560/series (unless noted)

BURNOUT & MOTIVATION SERIES ($280 - Two, 30-minute webinars) - NEW!

  • Part 1: How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated
  • Part 2: Beating Burnout- Rediscover Your Why

Building a healthy daily routine involves proper morning rituals, incorporating eating well and exercise throughout your day, staying in tune with your emotional wellbeing and a proper bedtime regimen. This enlightening wellness series will help your employees make the most out of every day. 

  • Wake Up Well: Learn to start each morning with the vigor to support a day productivity and positivity.
  • Nourish & Move: Discover tips and tricks to find better practices to eat well and get your body moving throughout each day. 
  • Awareness Accountability:  Establish ways to check-in on your emotional wellness throughout the day.  Retain helpful steps to stay on top of our mental wellbeing and make lifestyle modification to find more balance.  
  • Wind Down with Intention: How we end our day can be essential in having  a great night sleep. Let us guide you through the best ways to finish each day with success.  


  • Healthy Snacks for Everyone!
  • The Sweet Truth About Sugar
  • Should I be Afraid of Carbs?
  • Steps to Feeling Satiated Without Overeating


  • Understanding Your Stress Triggers
  • Improve Your Stress Resiliency
  • Make Self-Compassion Part of Your Daily Routine
  • Develop Calming Strategies

FULL BODY WORKOUT SERIES (These are live fitness sessions)

  • Core Crunch
  • Arm Action
  • Glute and Leg Blaster
  • Conquer Chest and Back


  • Lower Back
  • Neck
  • Hips, Knees, and Ankles
  • Shoulders, Elbows, and Wrists