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Medical-Surgical Nursing

Virginia Hospital Center is fortunate to have multiple nursing units dedicated to the care of medically complex patients and postoperative patients. In addition to the general medical population served, our new hospital layout allows for each unit to also concentrate on a medical subspecialty. This focused placement ensures that the patient is cared for by nurses with ongoing education and interest in that diagnostic group. It also allows physicians and nurses to collaborate more effectively on protocols for care and improves communication and timeliness in initiating prescribed treatment.

Medical-Surgical nursing is considered a specialty at Virginia Hospital Center and as such, many units work on new programs for the benefit of their division and the hospital at large. These include educational conferences, the mentorship pilot program, adjunct faculty positions, selective review courses, etc.

At Virginia Hospital Center, our nurses practice modified primary nursing with our focus being on relationship-based care. We believe that not only do we have the ability to help our patients heal, but that we can ensure that their experience while in the hospital can be a highly positive one as well.

Each of our medical and surgical units has the following attributes:

  • Hands-on engaged nurse management team
  • Clinical specialist/nurse educator assigned to each unit
  • Computerized documentation
  • Self-governed nursing staff
  • Trained preceptors for newly hired nurses and an 8-10 week unit orientation for new graduates
  • Med-Surg nursing residency program for new graduates, with peers from all units
  • Off shift assistant patient care directors for some areas
  • Clinical ladder advancement program for our staff nurses
  • All private patient rooms
  • Pharmacist on the unit
  • High patient satisfaction scores
  • Case managers on the units
  • Professional dress code
Nursing Awards & Recognition

Congratulations Virginia Hospital Center nurses who recently received recognition for their excellent leadership and care!

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