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Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington VA, 1943
We appreciate the Arlington resident who shared this original postcard illustrating how Virginia Hospital Center – Arlington Hospital looked in 1943.

Virginia Hospital Center began as the community service project of five women's clubs at a joint meeting in 1933. Following that initial gathering, the women collected $5 donations from 20 local organizations, and in 1934 the Arlington Hospital Association was created. And in the years that followed, Arlington Hospital grew from a small project into a fully operational 100-bed facility that was completed in 1944.

Since that time, the Hospital has gone through many changes and is continuing to grow. What was once known as Arlington Hospital is now Virginia Hospital Center. A facility that at one time only held 100 beds, now has 394. A place that at times could be difficult to navigate through is now a 530,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility designed with patient and visitor comfort as a primary concern. It features a nine-story hospital building, 1,100 parking spaces, and among many other new features, an Emergency Department that is 60% larger.

In November 2004 the new $150 million Virginia Hospital Center officially opened its doors to patients. In March 2014 the Hospital celebrated its 70th anniversary. 

For more than 75 years Virginia Hospital Center has been there for the people of Northern Virginia. Now, please join us as we make the next 75 as memorable as the first!


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