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Medical Staff Officers

Medical Staff Officers

President Ivan Petrovitch, M.D.
Vice-President J.J. Sverha, M.D.
Secretary Robert Mordkin, M.D.
Member-at-Large Benjamin Galper, M.D.
Member-at-Large Richard Murray, M.D.
Member-at-Large Rohit Modak, M.D.
Member-at-Large Mary-Margaret Lewis, M.D.
Member-at-Large Gao Linda Chen, M.D.
Member-at-Large Michael Moxley, M.D.

Department Chief/Directors/Division Chiefs


Chief*  Trevor Myers, M.D.
Vice-Chief Marina Pavlova, M.D.

Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

Chief John Garrett, M.D
Vice-Chief John Rhee, M.D.

Emergency Medicine

Chief Michael Silverman, M.D.
Vice-Chief J. J. Sverha, M.D.


Chair Patricia Rodriguez, M.D.
Vice-Chair Kathryn Dreger, M.D.
Secretary Renuka Sothinathan, M.D.
Adult Inpatient Medicine Vishal Bhakta, M.D. / Jane Lee, M.D. 
Cardiology* R. Preston Perrin, M.D.
Cath Lab Amey Kulkarni, M.D.
Edward Howard, M.D.
Cardiac Rehabilitation Eric Thorn, M.D.
Heart Station Hassan Tabandeh, M.D.
IMCCU Brian Glick, M.D.
Electrophysiology Lab TBD
Infectious Disease Jennifer Primeggia, M.D.
Neurology Eric Czander, M.D.
Stroke Center Zurab Nadareishvili, M.D
GI Gabriel Herman, M.D.
Nephrology Renuka Sothinathan, M.D.
Oncology Robert Christie, M.D.
Pain Medicine James Shear, M.D.
Palliative Care Mehul Desai, M.D.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Edward Allcock, D.O.
Primary Care - Family Practice Karen Lawson, M.D.
Pulmonary David Duhamel, M.D.
Medical Education Peter Ouellette, M.D.
MICU Mary Margaret Lewis, M.D.


Chief Brian Stone, M.D.


Chief Richard Murray, M.D.
Vice Chief Nikhil Nayak, M.D.


Chief* Kristen Knight, M.D.
Vice-Chief Michael Moxley, M.D.
Secretary/Treasurer TBD
Medical Education Miguel Fernandez, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery

Chief* Kevin Sumida, M.D.
Vice-Chief Leah Schulte, M.D.


Chief Thomas Pilkington, M.D.
Vice-Chief Scott Spagnoli, M.D.


Chief* Cary Poropatich, M.D.
Vice-Chief Stephanie Soofer. M.D.


Chief* Mary Garrett, M.D.
Vice-Chief Zev Waldman, M.D.
Nurseries TBD
Medical Education Zev Waldman, M.D.
Anuradha Dayal, M.D.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Chief* Edward Allcock, D.O.

Plastic Surgery

Chief William Epps, M.D.
Vice-Chief TBD

Psychiatry-Behavioral Health

Chief* Sashi Putchakayala, M.D.
Vice-Chief Peggy Lomax, M.D.
Medical Director TBD
Recovery & Wellness TBD

Radiation Oncology

Chief Robert Hong, M.D.
Vice-Chief Nadim Nasr, M.D.


Chief* Russell McWey, M.D.
Vice-Chief Ivan Petrovitch, M.D.


Chief* Irfan Rizvi, M.D.
Vice-Chief C. Steeve David, M.D.
General Surgery Irfan Rizvi, M.D.
Ophthalmology Melissa Kern, M.D.
Oral Surgery Travis Patterson, III, D.M.D.
Medical Education J. R. Salameh, M.D.
C. Steeve David, M.D
Trauma Surgery Megan Quintana, M.D.


Chief Timothy Kim, M.D.
Vice-Chief Andrew Joel, M.D.

Committee Chairpersons

Bylaws Committee J. J. Sverha, M.D.
Cancer Committee Nadim Nasr, M.D.
Clinical Performance Committee Kristin Knight, M.D.
Credentials Committee Peter Ouellette, M.D.
Graduate Medical Education Committee Peter Ouellette, M.D.
Infection Control Committee Rohit Modak, M.D.
Physician Informatics Steering Committee Usman Akhtar, M.D.
Joint Conference Committee Ivan Petrovitch, M.D.
Russell McWey, M.D.
Medical Executive Committee Ivan Petrovitch, M.D.
Medical Records Committee Peter Ouellette, M.D.
Medical Staff Fund Committee Robert Mordkin, M.D.
Device & Therapeutics Committee

Keeran Sampat, M.D.
Robert Mordkin, M.D. 


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