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Welcoming a Baby During COVID-19

You probably have a few questions and concerns as you prepare for your baby's arrival during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert physicians, nurses, and midwives train for situations like this and are committed to providing you with safe, high-quality care and a comfortable experience.

In our women and infant division, we are taking extra precautions to promote your safety, and we are proud that little has changed regarding your delivery experience or comfort. We are proud to care for your family with adequate supplies and few disruptions to normal processes:

  • All of our moms continue to have private rooms with private bathrooms and showers.
  • We continue to provide you with personal essentials to make you as comfortable as possible.
  • You are welcome to bring one support person for delivery.
  • You and your support person will be provided a mask to wear.
  • We have always stressed the importance of a safe, clean environment. Our rigorous safety procedures follow CDC’s guidelines to uphold your safety.

For updates on hospital policies during COVID-19, please visit https://vhcupdates.com/.
For up-to-date answers to frequently asked questions, please visit https://vhcupdates.com/faq/

Three Steps to Prepare for Delivery

1. Take a Virtual Tour and Join a Free Info Session 

Start by taking our virtual maternity tour to understand what it’s like to deliver a baby at Virginia Hospital Center.

While in-person tours are on-hold, we encourage you to attend one of our regular free live online information sessions, where you can hear from our team and ask any questions you may have.

2. Connect with our Care Team

We're Here to Help You Feel Prepared

Fran Williams is a leader in childbirth education who served as a labor and delivery nurse and clinical leader at VHC for over 20 years. Fran and her team help you navigate your delivery preparation and experience at VHC. She and her team host events that build connected, supportive communities of moms and help you adopt the latest evidence-based prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum practices.

Reach out to Fran and her team via email or phone to discuss how we can support your delivery journey and to learn about these topics and more:

  • The safety precautions we are taking to protect you during COVID-19
  • What to expect when delivering at VHC and how to prepare
  • Low intervention options available to you at VHC
  • VHC’s high risk pregnancy services and onsite Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) managed by Children’s National Health System
  • Having a planned cesarean section at VHC

3. Join a Support Group or Enroll in a Class

Support groups: Our free support groups provide an opportunity to connect with other mothers under the guidance of our childbirth education leaders on topics you care about, including breastfeeding and the postpartum transition. Check the schedule for our latest offerings.

Classes: Register for our highly-rated childbirth education classes to prepare for delivery and plan for a smooth transition into the postpartum period. We offer a range of classes on topics including childbirth, unmedicated labor, relaxation and comfort during labor, infant care skills, sibling skills, grandparenting, and more.

Looking for an OB/GYN?

Are you looking to find an OB/GYN for your upcoming delivery? Get to know a few of the providers representing the OB groups that deliver at VHC by clicking the below links and watching their introductory videos.

Hear Directly From a Few of Our OB/GYNs:

Kristin Knight, MD, FACOG


Miguel Fernandez, MD


Ji Eun Paik, MD, FACOG


Mary Crowther, MD

Gwendolyn Cobbs, MD

Mark Tretiak, MD

Alexis Light, MD, MPH

Colleen Borelli, MD

Exceeding Expectations

"Virginia Hospital Center is a sophisticated, high-volume maternity center. Yet, this Hospital places a high value on giving patients more time and attention, making their care more personal. It’s the right size for comfort, while big enough to have the all the technology and skills our patients need. There’s only one reason for selecting a hospital in which to give birth: it’s the quality of medicine you’ll receive. Everything else is optional. Virginia Hospital Center is well-known for the excellent medical care it provides.”
J. Jeffrey Elliott, MD, OB/GYN.

“Our members consistently tell us they have a great experience—so much so that we have a significant number of members who choose to deliver at Virginia Hospital Center, bypassing other hospitals in Northern Virginia and DC that are closer to them. If you have a complicated pregnancy, Virginia Hospital Center is the best place to go. Or, if you want to have a high-touch, low-tech natural delivery, the Hospital is equally good.”
Mark A. Tretiak, MD, FACOG, Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology for Kaiser Permanente Northern Virginia.

All of our moms have private rooms with private bathrooms and showers. Every nurse on the Mother Baby Unit has inpatient lactation certification.

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Expert Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

Everyone wants and hopes for a completely normal, uneventful pregnancy. However, when there are bumps in the road, OB/GYNs bring in the expertise of maternal-fetal medicine physicians who specialize in high-risk pregnancy.

“We coordinate care with the patient’s OB/GYN and other physicians involved in her care, including endocrinologists, cardiologists, and surgeons, as well as specialists from the Fetal Medicine Institute at Children’s National as necessary.”
Kelly Orzechowski, MD, FACOG, VHC Physician Group Maternal Fetal Medicine.

“We have had excellent outcomes for moms with congenital heart conditions. We collaborate with cardiologists to co-manage their pregnancy and work closely with intensivists for the birth, which takes place in the Intensive Care Unit. A generation ago, these women were not able to have babies.”
Kristin Knight, MD, FACOG, a perinatologist with Kaiser Permanente.

Our Maternal-Fetal Health program provides advanced testing and treatment for high-risk pregnancies. Once a mother is here to deliver, she has round-the-clock access to expert attention from attending house physicians and neonatologists on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Number One in the Country Neonatal Intensive Care

Managed by board-certified neonatologists from the nationally top-ranked Division of Neonatology at Children’s National Health System, our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can take care of babies of all gestational ages with most complex conditions. Our partnership with Children’s National means that our babies have expert neonatal care available, right here in the community. When more acute care is needed, babies in our NICU have direct access to more than 40 pediatric clinical divisions at Children’s National.

Like all patients at Virginia Hospital Center, NICU babies have private rooms, allowing parents to bond with their baby in a peaceful environment free of unnecessary stimulation to promote their growth and development.

“This can be an incredibly stressful time for our families. We spend a significant amount of time with them, explaining what to expect, hearing their concerns and answering their questions. The family is the most important part of the care team.”
Brian Stone, MD, MBA, Children’s National neonatologist, Medical Director of the NICU and Chief of Pediatrics.

The Marjorie Sands Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed by specially trained caregivers and equipped with the latest in medical technology so that premature infants and other newborns with special needs may receive optimum care.

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High Touch, Low Tech | Midwifery Service

Our high level of expert care with a personal touch extends well beyond the birthday.

There are many women who choose to have a midwifery birth in a hospital setting. Virginia Hospital Center is proud of its thriving midwifery service.
“Women who deliver with a certified nurse midwife at Virginia Hospital Center want a high-touch, low-tech birth; they want to feel empowered and be an active participant in the birth process. We’re in the room a lot during labor advocating for mom’s choices. We partner with our patients. We talk about what are good choices to make and then make those decisions together as a team.”
— Karen King, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife).

There are many women who choose to have a midwifery birth in a hospital setting. Virginia Hospital Center is proud of its thriving midwifery service.

Preparing to Bring Baby Home

Moms give high marks to our nursing staff for their courteous, considerate postpartum care. They particularly appreciate how we include the family in the baby’s care—educating not just mom, but the family in preparation to go home. For example, we offer a breastfeeding survival class for dads and partners taught by a lactation consultant who explains how to support mom while breastfeeding. A lot of our dads won’t leave the Hospital until they’ve attended it. When parents go home with their baby, we want them to feel, "I’ve got this."

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If you have any questions about Admissions and Registration, please call at 703.558.6114.

Infant Security / Visitation Policy

Infant security is our top priority at Virginia Hospital Center. Please read the following visitation and security procedures that are in place to protect your newborn’s safety:

  • Visitors must provide the name of the person they are visiting before they can enter the Mother/Baby Unit. If visitors are unable to provide this information, they will not be allowed to enter the unit.
  • All visitors must sign in and provide a government-issued photo ID (e.g., State-issued ID, driver’s license, Military ID, Passport or Green Card). The visitor will be issued a badge, which will expire at the end of the day.
  • Deliveries (food, flowers, etc.) from outside of the facility must be picked up in Lobby C in the Women & Infant building. Outside vendors are not permitted to enter the Mother/Baby Unit, NICU or Labor & Delivery Unit.

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