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Patient Success Story

When medical emergencies strike you or those dear to you, isn’t it nice to know that a state-of-the-art facility and world-class medical professionals are only minutes away?

Seconds were vitally important the day Gerry Salemme arrived by ambulance. Gerry had suffered a heart attack and been revived by the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). But without the quick action of the physician, David Duhamel, MD, and the other staff on duty that day, Gerry was at risk of significant damage to his brain and loss of physical capabilities. Dr. Duhamel ordered a cooling procedure to reduce Gerry’s core temperature by around 5 degrees Fahrenheit to limit collateral damage—and it worked. Gerry went on to have successful open heart surgery, and today, he is healthy, happy and fully functional in both body and mind.

Gerry credits the quick action of the Emergency Department staff for the health he enjoys today.

“At Virginia Hospital Center, you’re going to get the best care in a compassionate and efficient manner. Virginia Hospital Center is our local hospital, but it’s also one of the best in the world. I tell everyone about their level of professionalism and care. They have some of the most highly recognized doctors in the world and also excellent and efficient nursing staff and administrators.

When you really need the Emergency Department, it’s only minutes away, and that’s something we all have to support. I am personally supporting the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation, because it’s so important that we keep this valuable institution viable and strong.”
— Gerry Salemme.

Thank You for Your Ongoing Support!

GERRY IS ONE OF THOUSANDS of people who turn to Virginia Hospital Center’s Emergency Department each year.

On behalf of every patient who receives compassionate and exceptional emergency care in a time of crisis, thank you for your ongoing support!

Top Reasons Why Patients Sought Emergency Care

In 2016, Virginia Hospital Center's Emergency Department provided care at 56,311 visits.

  • chest pain/heart
  • abdominal pain
  • open wounds
  • urinary diseases
  • fractures
  • sprains/strains

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