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Our Collaboration with Mayo Clinic

The Best Just Keeps Getting Better

For over 150 years, the name Mayo Clinic has brought to mind the very best in medicine. Now, patients have access to Mayo Clinic expertise, right here in Northern Virginia.

(L-R): Jeffrey DiLisi, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Virginia Hospital Center; James B. Cole, President & Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Hospital Center; David Hayes, MD, Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Care Network; John R. Garrett, MD, FACS, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Virginia Hospital Center; Lenae Barkley, Administrative Director, Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Virginia Hospital Center is proud to be part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a unique collaboration that connects our physicians with world-renowned Mayo Clinic specialists and resources. Through the Network, our patients have access to Mayo Clinic expertise, close to home, at no additional cost.
“This collaboration advances our mission To Be the Best Health System. The results of our working with the Mayo Clinic will be enhanced care, greater peace of mind, and better value for our patients and their families,” says James B. Cole, President & Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Hospital Center. “The best just keeps getting better.”
Mayo Clinic established the Mayo Clinic Care Network in 2011 to promote physician collaboration among independent organizations interested in improving the delivery of healthcare. Today, the Network has 32 members in 19 states, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Virginia Hospital Center is the only member hospital in the Washington, DC metro area.
Virginia Hospital Center was selected to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network following an extensive review process that examined every aspect of the Hospital’s performance. The Mayo Clinic reviewers took special note of Virginia Hospital Center’s commitment to evidence-based medicine, excellence in patient care and organizational strength.
“Culturally and philosophically, our organizations are very similar,” says David Hayes, MD, Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Care Network. “In particular, we were struck by the excellent quality and safety Virginia Hospital Center has achieved.”

How Our Patients Benefit from the Mayo Clinic Collaboration

Mayo Clinic serves more than 1.3 million patients each year from every state and more than 135 countries. One of the hallmarks of its operation is that physicians from every specialty work together to advance medical knowledge and treatment through research and education. Physicians at Virginia Hospital Center have access to the latest Mayo Clinic resources to complement their own expertise when diagnosing and treating patients.

Second Opinions at No Cost to Patients

Through eConsults, our physicians connect with Mayo Clinic experts for additional input on a patient’s care when they believe it will be helpful. Getting a second opinion from Mayo Clinic through an eConsult is easy and efficient, and is provided at no additional cost to the patient. The patient’s electronic medical record is transmitted to Mayo Clinic specialists for consultation. A response is received in 48 to 72 hours.


Virginia Hospital Center physicians have unlimited access to AskMayoExpert, a state-of-the-art, online, medical reference tool of Mayo Clinic-vetted knowledge on disease management, clinical care guidelines, treatment recommendations and patient education materials for use at the point of care.

Care Close to Home

Our physicians and patients gain the benefits of Mayo Clinic knowledge and expertise in our community, close to home — ensuring that patients need to travel for care only when necessary. In rare circumstances in which a referral for treatment at Mayo Clinic is appropriate, Virginia Hospital Center patients benefit from an expedited referral process.

Andrew B. Joel, MD, Urologist

“The eConsult can be a valuable tool for very complicated cases,” says Andrew B. Joel, MD, a urologist with the Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group. “For these patients, the eConsult allows us to collaborate with thought leaders from Mayo Clinic who have encountered similar cases and can weigh in with their expertise.”

Robert Hong, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology

The information gained from an eConsult can help patients make informed decisions for their care when they have to weigh the benefits of a treatment against the risks it carries. Robert Hong, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology, Virginia Hospital Center, recounts a case where he recommended post-mastectomy radiation for a breast cancer patient. “This is not the typical course of treatment,” says Dr. Hong. “However, for this particular patient, there was a need to consider additional treatment to reduce the risk of local recurrence.” Dr. Hong requested an eConsult from Mayo Clinic, which concurred with his recommendation that post-mastectomy radiation could be beneficial and outweigh the risks of treatment. “My patient received the best information possible to make an informed decision,” he says. “She knows that Mayo Clinic and I are both recommending the same course of treatment.”

M. Anthony Casolaro, MD, President, Medical Staff

“This is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic, the world’s finest medical center, and Virginia Hospital Center, a superior regional medical center,” says M. Anthony Casolaro, MD, President, Medical Staff, Virginia Hospital Center. “Our patients have the best of both worlds. They gain the benefit of Mayo Clinic expertise but without having to travel. They are able to receive the best treatment right here, close to home.”

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