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Mini-Health Fairs

Blood Pressure: How hard does your heart have to work?

$60 per hour

Body Fat: What percentage body fat do you have?

A FUTREX device measures body fat painlessly, by passing an infrared light through your bicep.

$60 per hour

Health Age Profile: Are you older or younger than your chronological age?

Find out whether your health habits are adding or taking away from your life expectancy.

$75 per hour

Flexibility or Grip Strength

Find out how far you can "sit and reach" or how strong your grip is.

$60 per hour

Stress Booth

Use a bio-dot to determine your stress level. Make a "stress-balloon". Pick up information on how to assess and reduce stress.

Choice of two of the following educational booths:

Women's and Men's Health Booth

Hands-on booth provides a varietyofinformation on cancer reduction, heart health and disease prevention.


Choose from the following displays:

  • Dining Out
  • Portion Distortion
  • Hidden Nutrients (includes fat, sugar, sodium, fiber & calcium)
  • MyPlate (based on USDA nutritional guidelines)
$40 per hour

Multi-session seminars

Cost: $225 per hour.

Diabetes Education

Basics, prevention tips and healthy eating for diabetics.

Smoking Education

Includes tips on quitting.

Heart Health Education
Sleep Education


Finger-stick method gives results in minutes.

Total and HDL (good) cholesterol $19 per person
Total, HDL & Glucose $21 per person
Total, HDL, LDL & Triglyceride $23 per person
Total, HDL, LDL, Triglyceride & Glucose $25 per person

Additional Screenings

Choose one or combine several.

Flu Shots

$25 per person 

Hand Washing

How well do you protect yourself from germs? Experiment with glitter bug powder to teach the importance of hand washing.

$60 per hour

Metabolism Screening

The MedGem indirect calorimeter by Healthe Tech is a handheld device that determines your unique Metabolic Fingerprint(TM). A Metabolic Fingerprint(TM) or resting metabolism accounts for as much as 75% of the calories an individual burns everyday, which is critical information for personalizing any health and wellness plan. Virginia Hospital Center is the only Hospital in the area that offers this screening.

$30 per person

Bone Density

Measure risk of osteoporosis using ultrasound of the heel bone.

$30 per person


Use non-invasive black-light to find sun damage on your face and neck.

$60 per hour

Drinking Goggles

"Walk the line" while wearing these goggles to simulate alcohol impairment while you are sober.

$60 per hour

Vision Screening

Check your eyesight, do you need glasses?

$60 per hour

Hearing Screening

A quick test to check your hearing.

$60 per hour

Interactive Fitness Booth

Learn about the benefits of exercise. Talk with a fitness professional, get tips to create a well-rounded exercise program, and learn how to keep fit at your desk.

$60 per hour

Pulmonary Function

Using the EasyOne Spirometer, determine whether or not you have normal lung function.

$15 per person

Blood Draw Screenings

A1C Diabetes screening

Fingerstick blood test w/immediate results.

$25 per person

Prostate Specific Antigen

Provides screening for prostate cancer.

$25 per person

TSH screening for Hypothyroidism

Fingerstick blood test w/immediate results.

$25 per person

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

$35 per person

Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) & Risk Profile

$35 per person

Wellness Profile Screenings

Cost: $75 per hour, one per event.

Cancer Risk Profile

Heart Health Profile

Nutrition Profile

Osteoporosis Profile

Stress & Coping Profile

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