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Navigating the waters of healthcare billing can be a daunting task for any patient or caregiver. The Business Office staff is here to help you. The following are the most commonly asked questions about the billing process. These may not answer all of your questions. Many special circumstances do occur, but we are here to help you. You can contact our Business Office.

Can I pay my Hospital bill online?

NEW!Virginia Hospital Center offers to our patients easy and convenient online bill-pay service available from anywhere in the world. To pay your Hospital bill, please click on the button below:


How can I obtain an itemized bill?

Call the Business Office Customer Service Line at 703.558.6391 between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

I went to the hospital and now I am getting bill from physicians I've never seen. Why?

Almost all hospital procedures require laboratory testing and x-rays. Most of these procedures have two components that will be billed to you.The first portion is that for the hospital (technical component). This includes nursing care, equipment, testing, etc.The second component is from the physicians for the reading and interpretation of radiology and lab procedures (professional component). You will receive a separate billing from the physician for his/her services.This type of billing can be confusing. However, federal regulations require that technical and professional charges be billed separately.In addition to lab and radiology professional bills, you may receive bills from other physicians. This can vary according to the type of service you received: emergency room physicians, hospitalists, surgeons, consulting physicians, anesthesiologists, etc. The hospital does not bill for these independent contractors. If you have questions about these physician billings, please contact the applicable billing group indicated on your statement.

I believe there is an error on my bill?

Contact the Business Office Customer Service line with the specific charges you are questioning. Often they will have to contact our medical records department in order to answer your question.

Did you file a claim with my insurance company?

If you have insurance and you gave the information at the time of registration, we filed your claim. Your first statement will also indicate whether your claim has been filed. If you are not sure, please contact our Business Office Customer Service department.

I do not have insurance. However, I see an adjustment on my billing statement. What is it?

Virginia Hospital Center extends a 20% discount for all self pay accounts.

Why did my insurance company not make a payment?

Insurance denials can result from many circumstances. The most common reason is due to your policy deductibles which must be met before any benefits are payable. Denials can also result from your policy exclusions and limitations for non-covered services. Insurance may often deny a claim while they are requesting your medical history from various providers. In most cases, the "explanation of benefits" sent to you by your insurance company will outline their reason for denial. Your first course of action is to contact your insurance carrier or employer for an explanation. However, you can also contact our Customer Service department. We will do whatever possible to help you and to explain different circumstances in simple everyday terms.

The Business Office at Virginia Hospital Center provides information to patients concerning billing to Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance carriers. Patients are encouraged to call with questions concerning billing, status of claims or to make payment arrangements.

Those interested in financial assistance may contact the Patient Financial Services Department at 703.558.2492. This assistance is available to patients with little or no income for Hospital services only.
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How Much Will My Procedure Cost?

If you would like to find out how much your procedure will cost, here are some numbers to connect you with the appropriate department:

Due to the complexity and diverse nature of many hospital procedures, ALL PRICE QUOTES ARE ESTIMATES ONLY.

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