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Postpartum Depression

Many women experience some feelings of inadequacy and sadness after the birth of a baby. These feelings tend to last about 3-4 days, and often go away as quickly as they come. However, in about 30% of new mothers, these symptoms get worse, and are indicative of Postpartum Depressio n (PPD). They can last 2 weeks or more. Symptoms include:

  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Little interest in things you used to find pleasurable.
  • Nervousness and excessive worry.
  • Thinking your baby would be better off without you.
  • Crying over the slightest issues.
  • Separating yourself from family and friends.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Unexplained anger.
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself.
  • You stop caring for your baby.
  • Thoughts of hurting your baby.

Postpartum Depression is a real and very treatable disease. If you are experiencing symptoms of PPD, Virginia Hospital Center wants to help. Get in touch with your Obstetrician immediately so they can refer you to a mental health professional. They will provide reassurance, guidance and, if necessary, a referral for professional counseling.

Mother & Baby Support Groups

Virginia Hospital Center has several support groups for new moms and parents:

  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Breastfeeding Support Group for the Working Mom
  • New Parents Support Group
  • Postpartum Support Group


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