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For 10 years, the pressure and pain of pelvic organ prolapse kept Judith Konicki, 54, from running, doing aerobics, or jumping. She couldn’t squat, which made it hard to work in her garden.

“I knew there was surgery available, but I thought it was a big operation with a lot of recovery,” Judith says. “So I thought I’d just live with it and work around it.”

Then, in 2011, she stepped on a shovel in her garden and experienced severe pain. “I thought, ‘It’s time to do something about this,’” she says.

Judith went to see Maria Canter, MD, MSc, FACOG, who explained that her uterus was protruding into the vagina. Dr. Canter outlined the treatment options, including physical therapy and surgery.

“She put me at ease right way,” Judith says of Dr. Canter. “She drew a diagram and I saw exactly what the surgery would involve. She was very patient and answered all my questions. I decided surgery would be the sure bet.”

Dr. Canter performed a partial hysterectomy and reconstructive surgery with the da Vinci Robot on Valentine’s Day. “I can’t believe how quick the recovery was,” Judith says. “There were only five small incisions.”

Today, she says she feels wonderful. She’s up to walking six miles a week and has no discomfort. “I feel like I got some of my youth back,” Judith says. “The constant feeling of pressure is gone. It was probably the smartest thing I did. I wish I had done it sooner!”


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