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Lifetime Care

Virginia Hospital Center provides a continuum of cancer care through its Robert E. Lee Oncology Unit, Outpatient Infusion Center, the Hitt Family Center for Radiation Oncology. Education materials and other resources are also available through the Hospital's dedicated Cancer Resource Center and Barbra Marcus Kolton Cancer Resource Library. Call 703.558.5555 for more information.

Lifetime Following-up Through Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry collects and tracks information about every cancer patient treated at Virginia Hospital Center and follows the treatment course throughout each patient's lifetime.

This careful tracking system allows physicians to evaluate the effectiveness of various treatments, provides an automatic reminder to schedule follow-up appointments with patients, and yields important data for research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Cancer Registry also serves as a valuable source of information for physicians and patients alike on various types of cancers and the treatments used to combat them.

Reaching Out

Virginia Hospital Center places a strong emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis of cancer by offering programs to raise awareness and educate the public on methods of early detection.

Through participation in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, the Race for the Cure, Ladies for Life, and other fundraisers and community events, Virginia Hospital Center helps generate funding for research into new methods of detecting treating and preventing cancer.

The Hospital also offers a variety of health promotion events to encourage early diagnosis. By offering coupons for free PSA tests, more than 200 men per year receive screening for the early signs of prostate cancer. Dermascan screenings can detect skin cancer--including melanoma, the most deadly type--in its initial stages when the cancer can be successfully treated.

The Hospital also works with local businesses to encourage early screening and cancer awareness among employees. The Health Promotion Department, in close cooperation with the Cancer Center, provides the HealthWorks Cancer Risk Profile, which examines each employee's family health history, individual health history, lifestyles and habits to produce a wellness profile that identifies risk factors for various types of cancer. HealthWorks professionals then help each employee learn which factors can be controlled and how to reduce their cancer risks.

Healing, Health and Hope

These are our goals at Virginia Hospital Center. To help you heal. To return you to full health. To bring you hope. And to treat you as the whole person you are, in body, mind, and spirit.

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