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Cancer Diagnosis

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Personnel, Technology & Diagnostic Services

Exceptional Medical Personnel

The American College of Surgeons certified Virginia Hospital Center's Oncology Program as a Teaching Hospital Cancer Program—the highest ranking available. We are proud of this designation. It presents us with the advantages of a research and teaching facility, along with continuous coverage by specialists teaching the latest cancer treatments.

Our physicians conduct and participate in research projects, developing in-depth knowledge of advanced therapies and technology. They ensure that patients receive cutting-edge care, using their extensive experience to provide superior medical care.

Unsurpassed Technology

The Oncology Program has unsurpassed technological capabilities for both diagnosis and treatment.

We are the first in the Washington, D.C., D.C., area to offer a new, extremely precise radiation treatment that maximizes the effectiveness of therapy while minimizing effects on healthy tissue.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology at Virginia Hospital Center bring all their capabilities together when working with your physician to provide a precise diagnosis. Using procedures that range from traditional X-rays to CT scans, ultrasound, mammography, nuclear medicine, PET scanning, and MRI's, Diagnostic Imaging has all the technological tools and trained personnel needed to provide fast, accurate results.

Interventional Radiology offers rapid diagnostic capabilities utilizing image guided biopsies and minimally invasive treatment options, which include chemoembolization and radio frequency tumor ablation.

The Pathology Department uses the most advanced techniques and procedures to assess tissue samples for the presence of cancerous cells. Both departments are fully certified by their professional associations.

The Cytology Laboratory and the Interventional Radiology Department also offer rapid diagnostic services.

We have the tools. We have the professionals. We'll get the right diagnosis, so you can get the right treatment.

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