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The Cancer Resource Center

The staff and vaunteers of the Cancer Resource Center at Virginia Hospital Center provide patients, families and the community with resources and services that address cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and support. Please let us know how we can assist you or your family members.

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. But today, you have greater hope for recovery than ever before. Advances in diagnostics, treatments and procedures are helping people with cancer live longer, healthier and happier lives. Virginia Hospital Center's advanced medical care and personal attention empower you to face the physical and emotional challenges of cancer, so that you can continue to lead a full and rewarding life.

Certified as a Teaching Hospital by the American College of Surgeons, Virginia Hospital Center offers the important advantages of a research and teaching facility. Our physicians have significant experience with many types of cancer, and their expertise is enhanced by the Hospital's commitment to providing the latest in cancer-fighting medical technology.

Cancer Support Services at Virginia Hospital Center

The goals of Virginia Hospital Center's Cancer Support Services are to help you heal and return to full health by giving you hope and treating you as a whole person: body, mind and soul. Three important components are the Cancer Resource Center, Patient Navigator and Breast Health Coordinator. For more information about our support services and available resources, please click on the links below to expand:

Programs & Classes

Support groups for patients, their families and friends are held regularly. A complementary care lecture series offers workshops on Tai Chi, Yoga, exercise, stress management, nutrition and many more. Most support groups and workshops are held in the Center and all are free. Short-term individual and/or family counseling is also available to assist with coping with a cancer diagnosis. Choose a wig or scarf from a large supply of donated items. Attend a Look Good, Feel Better program that offers free makeovers for people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Or sit in the fresh air of the Healing Garden, just outside the doors of the Center. Please search the upcoming classes and events by date and register online or call us.

Survivorship Training and Rehab (STAR®) Program
The STAR® Program has been adopted by hospitals and cancer centers in nearly every state in the U.S. and now is available in the Washington Metro Area at Virginia Hospital Center. Call 703.558.5550 for more information about the STAR Program or, attend our free class.

Patient Navigator

We recognize that a diagnosis of cancer often leaves patients and families overwhelmed by the many decisions to be made concerning treatment and care. The Patient Navigator Program is a complimentary service that expands the oncology support provided by Virginia Hospital Center.

Barbra Marcus Kolton Cancer Resource Library

The Cancer Resource Library, dedicated in 2007 in memory of Barbra Marcus Kolton, is a welcoming place for patients and family members to get information and support. The library, located in the Cancer Resource Center, includes free pamphlets and brochures, periodicals, and books that can be checked out for 30-day periods, as well as internet access to medical data bases for information about cancers and their treatment. Periodicals or excerpts from reference books can be copied for users by staff or Cancer Resource Center volunteers. All are welcome to browse through the Center's library or utilize the computer network and medical databases for information about cancers and their treatments.

Contact Info
  • Shari Sitron, Director Cancer Support Services
    Phone: 703.558.5555
  • STAR Program®
    Phone: 703.558.5550

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