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Dr. Hong Video on ACRO & NCBC Studies

SAVI® Studies Verify Favorable Cosmetic Outcomes with Precise Delivery of Radiation Therapy

Multi-Site Data Drawn from Over 1,000 Patients Details Advantages of Advanced Form of Breast Cancer Treatment
March 14, 2012 - © 2011 Cianna Medical, Inc

"We looked at cosmetic outcomes in part because it is important to our patients," said Robert L Hong, MD, the presenter and Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Hospital Center. "This data points toward an additional quality of life benefit from the therapy."

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Dr. Hong participated in the ACRO and NCBC studies, and he led the NCBC study

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The Most Flexible 5-Day Breast Brachytherapy System

The SAVI® applicator is an evolution in radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer. Delivering treatment from inside the breast, SAVI® uses multiple catheters to direct radiation where it is needed most. This unique design allows for unparalleled dose sculpting ability that minimizes exposure to healthy tissue and reduces complications, making the benefits of breast brachytherapy available to more women.

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ACRO - American College of Radiation Oncology 

NCBC - National Consortium of Breast Centers


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