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Raising Awareness of Testicular Cancer

“Testicular cancer is often a silent disease. What brings young men to the doctor for earlier treatment is being aware of their own bodies and recognizing when something doesn’t feel right.”
- Dr. Joel.

On May 14, 2012, Patrick Ryan started the day like he always does. A marathon runner, the 27-year-old psychologist got up at 4:00 am to go work out. Something just didn’t feel quite right, though. He felt a dull, aching pain in his right testicle.

After his symptoms persisted for several days, Patrick went to see his doctor, who diagnosed a slight hernia and told him to take antiinflammatory medication and use ice. He also gave Patrick a prescription for an ultrasound.

“In the right testicle where I was having pain, there was no problem,” Patrick said, “but the ultrasound showed a large mass on the left testicle.”

Andrew Joel, MD, a urologist with Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group - Urology, saw Patrick that same day. His parents and his fiancée went with him to the appointment... Read this story >

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