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Corporate Drug Testing Program

For the health of your company

Alcoholism and drug addiction are problems nationwide. Can your company afford the risk and expense of employees with chemical abuse problems?

Ten percent of U.S. workers are estimated to be afflicted, costing employers $100 billion annually in absenteeism, low productivity, and workplace disruption. What’s more, drug users claim health benefits at three times the rate of non-users, increasing your insurance premiums and medical costs. Is it any wonder that half the Fortune 500 companies have drug-testing policies?

Without a program for detecting drug or alcohol abuse in current and prospective employees, you may find yourself burdened with these problems.

We have a solution for companies like yours. Our Corporate Drug Testing program combines rigorous procedures with reliable results, all at a convenient location.

Employer Support

Our Corporate Drug Testing Program recognizes that drug testing raises sensitivities—both legal and personal.

We ensure absolute confidentiality and provide solid information as we help you understand testing legalities. Whether you seek pre-employment, for-cause, or random testing, our professionals have the experience to advise you.

Working directly with you, we’ll structure testing systems that meet your specific needs. With short turnaround times, we provide you with the accurate information you need in a timely manner.

And the costs are reasonable. We keep prices level so there are never any surprises.

Testing That Delivers Accuracy

You need quality service that ensures the security and accuracy of the drug testing.
We have adopted numerous best practices that insure the validity of specimens. We use temperature strips to determine that non-visual screening samples were collected on-site. We use tamper-proof seals to document a secure custody chain for each specimen.

Our experienced toxicologists perform their tests under the watchful eye of our director. This pathologist is certified as a Medical Review Officer and holds expertise in drug and alcohol test evaluation. Their methods are very accurate.

Approximately 95% of specimens containing drugs are detected. For specimens testing positive, confirmation test results are 100% reliable (to the extent that science permits).

Business-Friendly & Professional

We’re business-friendly. We work directly with you, the employer, to structure a system that makes sense for you.

We’re professional. We approach this sensitive job with consummate professionalism.
You get reports quickly. Results from prospective employees are generally available within one business day.

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