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The gold standard in screening and diagnosis of colon cancer, colonoscopy represents one of the most important advances in gastroenterology in recent years. Colonoscopy not only allows physicians to see the entire colon (large intestine) but also provides the opportunity to potentially remove precancerous polyps before they can become malignant, and to take biopsies of any lesions detected. The value of colonoscopy is so widely recognized today that most health insurers now cover the cost of colorectal cancer screenings utilizing this procedure.

At Virginia Hospital Center, the use of the magnifying colonoscope further enhances the precision of this important procedure by providing even higher levels of visualization and resolution, enabling even earlier detection of colorectal cancer.

Our qualified technicians and nurses constantly monitor patients throughout the procedure and recovery, which is why Virginia Hospital Center has excellent rates of safety in colonoscopy. The procedure takes just 20 to 30 minutes in most cases. Colonoscopy patients receive IV sedation to ensure their complete comfort; in fact, most patients sleep through the procedure.

Should your physician choose to take samples for biopsy, Virginia Hospital Center makes every effort to return results to your doctor within 48 hours, because we understand that when it comes to your health, the waiting can be the hardest part.

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