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Recovery & Wellness

Since 1974, well before addiction was widely accepted as a disease deserving of professional medically based treatment, Virginia Hospital Center has offered hope and help to patients struggling with substance abuse. As the first addiction treatment program approved for third-party reimbursement by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of the National Capital Area, the Recovery & Wellness Programs at Virginia Hospital Center have always recognized addiction as a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease that can be arrested with appropriate professional care and patient education. By helping substance abusers understand and accept the fact that they have a disease, we can then help teach them the tools and techniques they need to manage their illness and take responsibility for their own health.

From Inpatient Care to the Outpatient Services, every aspect of the Recovery & Wellness programs reflects our emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment. By utilizing the skills, training and experience of a wide range of professionals, we bring all the expertise available to help patients free themselves from the constraints of dependence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is addressing the individual's holistic needs in relation to substance abuse, alcohol, pain, trauma, life transitions, and mental health issues through partnering with the family/support system during the treatment process.

Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire hope, wellness, and recovery.

Each person will engage with our experienced and dedicated staff to develop an individualized recovery foundation that could include:

  • Understanding the disease of addiction
  • Relapse prevention tools
  • Utilizing AA/NA effectively
  • Building a support network
  • Family support
  • Multi-diagnostic treatment focusing on the whole person

Inpatient Care

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Inpatient Treatment most often begins with the difficult process of detoxification—eliminating the substance from the patient's body. A team made up of an attending physician, nurse, and counselor monitors and controls the detoxification process to ensure a safe and complete withdrawal. Addiction Treatment's inpatient program features a flexible length of stay, rather than a set number of days, to allow for the individualized design of treatment plans for each patient. Once detoxification is complete, the patient care team works together to devise a comprehensive treatment program for each patient. We utilize a holistic approach to maximize each person's life quest for liberty from addiction and the pursuit of wellness. The unit is staffed by experienced around-the-clock nurses who are specially trained in addiction treatment.

Inpatient Program

Our commitment emphasizes a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment with a care plan that is tailor-made and customized to meet each patient's specific needs and preferences. All patients receive the highest caliber of medical treatment for any health-related concerns, including therapeutic nutrition supplementation and counseling.

  • Gold Standard, Evidence-based Alcohol Detoxification Nursing Assessment
  • Scientifically-based Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Recreational Therapy
  • Meditation Education and Spiritual Care
  • Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Binaural Sound Therapy

We are devoted to promoting a full spectrum of addiction treatment services which enhance successful outcomes, including our 21-day Intensive Care Inpatient Program, with the continuation of care through our Intensive Outpatient Programs. Our clinical work is guided by the latest research and evidence-based practices to optimize your recovery and wellness.

Outpatient Services

Virginia Hospital Center offers Behavioral Health Outpatient Services focused on an evidenced based model of recovery. The model includes education about the disease of addiction, recovery strategies, relapse prevention skills and participation in the 12-steps program. The program is offered in a small group environment where patients work together toward achieving their recovery goals. Individual attention is provided to each person by our professional, certified and experienced counseling staff. One-on-one and family counseling sessions, as well as psychiatric assessments, are also available to supplement and enhance the recovery process. To provide acute mental health treatment as well as substance abuse detoxification our Outpatient Services coordinated with Intensive Inpatient Care.

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Treatment Programs

Concerned Persons Group

The sessions of the Concerned Persons Group focus on helping individuals, families, and friends to understand the disease of addiction and how it affects everyone. The Group helps to explain how addiction is a family illness that changes everyone who is involved. The group follows a five-week curriculum helping participants understand the recovery process.

The sessions meet every Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. All sessions are free.


Our alumni association, AHATAA has been around almost since the program's inception. They support all aspects of the program including:

      • Facilitating a group on long-term recovery issues.
      • Hosting a celebration for program graduates and alumni celebrating recovery milestones. A couple of months ago an alumnus came back from Florida to celebrate 27 years in recovery.
      • Holding an annual dinner to celebrate another year in recovery.
      • Hosting quarterly workshops designed to support extended recovery and educate attendees on a sustained recovery.
      • Supporting each other in the recovery process.

Meet Our Staff

  • Michael Bohman, LCSW
  • Vera Peyton, MBA, CSAC
  • Adavia Porter-Hellen
  • Kim Settle, LCSW, CSAC
  • Kim Chism, LCSW
  • Mark Lawall, CSAC
  • Dani Smith, CSAC
  • Janis Gold, LPC
  • Grace Greenan

Admission & Insurance

Our staff will work with you over the phone to complete a pre-admission assessment, a 10-to-15 minute clinical evaluation of you or your family members addiction history (i.e. pattern of substance use, a drug of choice, etc.) and behavioral health issues (i.e. anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar, etc.). We will also collect your insurance and financial information in this initial assessment. Once we quickly verify your insurance benefits we will ensure that your insurance benefits are utilized for treatment.

We accept almost all insurances including Aetna, Blue Cross Federal, Care First, CIGNA, Medicare, Tricare, United Healthcare, etc.

Contact Info & Hours

Inpatient Care

Phone: 703.558.8662

Outpatient Services

For intake process,
call 703.558.6750

Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

601 S. Carlin Springs Rd. Arlington, VA 22204.

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