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Recovery & Wellness

Since 1974, well before addiction was widely accepted as a disease deserving of professional medically based treatment, Virginia Hospital Center has offered hope and help to patients struggling with substance abuse. As the first addiction treatment program approved for third-party reimbursement by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of the National Capital Area, the Recovery & Wellness Programs at Virginia Hospital Center have always recognized addiction as a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease that can be arrested with appropriate professional care and patient education. By helping substance abusers understand and accept the fact that they have a disease, we can then help teach them the tools and techniques they need to manage their illness and take responsibility for their own health.

From intensive inpatient care to outpatient programs, every aspect of the Recovery & Wellness programs reflects our emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment. By utilizing the skills, training and experience of a wide range of professionals, we bring all the expertise available to help patients free themselves of the constraints of dependence.

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