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Virginia Hospital Center's Mission and Vision is
To Be the Best Health System

Our Mission in Action

The mission is the vision of Virginia Hospital Center is shown throughout the community in real life examples.

Patient Success Stories

Tony suffered from asthma all his life. From the time he was 3-years-old, emergency room visits and 8-hour stretches in an oxygen tent were common. Later, when he was properly diagnosed, Tony embraced the inhalers and treatments that were supposed to give him a normal life. But time and again, Tony found himself in the ER or doctor’s office, desperate just to breathe. By the time he’d reached his mid 40’s, his asthma was so bad he could no longer sleep or hold down a job. “I was miserable and didn’t think I would make it to my 50th birthday,” Tony says. “Asthma felt like a knife jabbing in my chest,” Tony says. “After the first procedure, I felt fantastic right away. I wasn’t tired, sick, or wheezing. So I started running and got faster and faster. I lost 40-50 pounds, and then started placing at the top in local races." Read more

Friends of Nursing

Friends of Nursing was established in 1989 with a $250,000 contribution by the Caruthers Family. This fund has grown to a $3 million endowment comprised of 40 individual funds. Earnings from the Friends of Nursing endowment support awards for clinical excellence, advanced clinical certification and professional development for our existing nursing staff as well as scholarships for aspiring nurses.
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Arlington Pediatric Center

APC’s mission is to provide a Medical Home offering family-centered care in a culturally sensitive environment for children birth through 18 years of age, living in Arlington County with family incomes below the Federal Poverty Level. Located in a convenient, accessible location in South Arlington, APC features a full-time staff including pediatricians, nurses, care coordinators, case managers and a social worker.  
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Project Give Hope

Project Give Hope has transformed the hallway leading to Virginia Hospital Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
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Virginia Hospital Center Medical Brigade

Providing humanitarian healthcare to the underserved of Honduras.
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The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation

Founded in the belief that every mother and every child deserve important healthcare services for a healthy start in life, the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation provides access to medical services, counseling, and support for economically vulnerable mothers-to-be, newborn babies and postpartum mothers who don’t have the means or resources to start their journey on solid footing.
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Christopher Carter Foundation

The Christopher Carter Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting the prevention, early detection and active management of diabetes.
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