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Virginia Hospital Center Medical Brigade

Bringing high-impact medical missions and sustainable healthcare models to the underserved of Honduras

Healthcare for Humanity

For the world's poorest people, there is little or no access to basic healthcare services. Babies born without prenatal care, infections left untreated, diabetes undiagnosed, and pain without relief.

Into this void steps the Virginia Hospital Center Medical Brigade. Launched in 1999 following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, the Medical Brigade returns to Comayagua, Honduras each November for a week-long mission. In its last mission, the Medical Brigade performed:

  • 8,600 patient examinations
  • 76 surgeries
  • 225 hearing assessments and 70 hearing aids provided
  • 370 physical therapy services
  • 25 pediatric eye surgeries and 3027 pairs of eyeglasses distributed

Staffed by a committed delegation of volunteers year-round, all aspects of the Medical Brigade are supported by giving - giving of time, donated medical supplies and equipment, and financial support. Each Medical Brigade member pays his or own way (about $1200) to join the mission.

"I travel on these mission trips to make a difference. I never 'get used to' the deprivation but I learned to look at it one patient at a time, one treatment at a time, and in pediatrics, one smile at a time." Medical Brigade volunteer

Acting Locally, Caring Globally

Virginia Hospital Center sponsors the work of the Medical Brigade through in-kind donations of support including fundraising operations, storage and meeting space, donated supplies, and public relations and marketing support. In addition, the majority of Medical Brigade volunteers are employees or medical staff of Virginia Hospital Center. Volunteer participation is open to any interested and committed volunteer.

Support the Medical Brigade

Every dollar contributed to the Brigade goes directly toward supporting the mission. Funding is used to purchase medicines, medical equipment, supplies, as well as pay for the cost of transporting these necessities to Honduras.

  • $50 buys antibiotics to 55 treat infections.
  • $100 buys prenatal vitamins for 21 expectant mothers.
  • $500 buys specialty sutures for 7 eye surgeries.
  • $1,000 buys anesthesia for 10 surgeries.

Thank you for supporting the Virginia Hospital Center Medical Brigade!

Medical Brigade Volunteer Initiatives

Beyond the medical mission, Brigade volunteers donate their time and expertise to ongoing , sustainable, and capacity-building initiatives to improve health and quality of life.  The centerpiece of these initiatives is the Remote Village Project which trains community health workers in isolated areas. This program delivers access to treatment for the five most common health complaints all year round - infant diarrhea, bronchitis, intestinal parasites and skin infections.

Brigade volunteers also initiate potable water and sanitation projects, providing access to pour-flush latrines and clean, drinkable water for thousands of people living in remote villages.


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