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Medical Staff Officers

President M. Anthony Casolaro, MD
Vice-President David Lee, MD
Secretary Paula Bergamini, MD
Member-at-Large Mami Martin, MD
Member-at-Large John Golden, MD
Member-at-Large Ivan Petrovitch, MD
Medical Staff AMA Rep. John Rhee, MD

Department Chiefs/Directors/Division Chiefs


Chief David Banks, MD
Vice-Chief David Lee, MD

Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

Chief John Garrett, MD
Vice-Chief John Rhee, MD

Emergency Medicine

Chief Michael Silverman, MD
Vice-Chief J. J. Sverha, MD

Family Practice

Chief John Molaiy, MD


Chief Lawrence Stein, MD
Vice-Chief Kathryn Dreger, MD
Secretary Renuka Sothinathan, MD
Cardiology Michael Notarianni, MD
Cath Lab Antonio Parente, MD
John Golden, MD
Cardiac Rehabilitation Rachel Berger, MD
Infectious Disease Rohit Modak, MD
Neurology Faye Rosenbaum, MD
GI Pradeep Gupta, MD
GI Unit Pradeep Gupta, MD
Heart Station Timothy Farrell, MD
IMCCU Brian Glick, MD
Primary Care  
Chair Manesh Nachnani. MD
Vice-Chair Anthony Rimicci, MD
MICU Mary Margaret Lewis, MD
Nephrology Thomas Rakowski, MD
Oncology Thomas Butler, MD
Palliative Care TBD
Pulmonary Jeff Hales, MD
Stroke Center Natalia Kayloe, MD
Electrophysiology Lab Haroon Rashid, MD
Medical Education Peter Ouellette, MD


Chief Brian Stone, MD


Chief Donald Wright, MD
Vice-Chief Charles Riedel, MD


Chief Miguel Fernandez, MD
Vice-Chief Patricia Bannon, MD
Secretary/Treasurer Ingrid Winterling, MD
Medical Education Michelle Duncan, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Chief David Romness, MD
Vice-Chief Colvin Wellborn, MD


Chief Thomas Pilkington, MD
Vice-Chief Joseph Lee, MD


Chief Joseph Buchino, MD
Vice-Chief Cary Poropatich, MD


Chief Brian Stone, MD
Vice-Chief TBD
Nurseries Donna Tildon-Archer, MD
Medical Education Brian Stone, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Chief Edward Allcock, DO

Plastic Surgery

Chief Gloria Duda, MD
Vice-Chief Wendy Gottlieb, MD

Psychiatry-Behavioral Health

Chief Ramanath Gopalan, MD
Vice-Chief Sashi Putchakayala, MD
Medical Director Patricia Roy, MD
Recovery & Wellness Patricia Roy, MD

Radiation Oncology

Chief Robert Hong, MD
Vice-Chief Nadim Nasr, MD


Chief Russell McWey, MD
Vice-Chief Frederick Schwab, MD


Chief J. R. Salameh, MD
Vice-Chief Linda Cardinal, MD
General Surgery J. R. Salameh, MD
Ophthalmology William Deegan, MD
Oral Surgery Travis Patterson, III, DMD
Medical Education John Sandiford, MD


Chief Robert Mordkin, MD
Vice-Chief Andrew Joel, MD
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