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2013: Hospital in the News

Most Admired CEOs 2013: James Cole, Virginia Hospital Center

Washington Business Journal | December 5, 2013
James Cole, Virginia Hospital Center: Cole oversees a rare entity: Northern Virginia’s only freestanding, independent hospital, and a top-ranked one at that. Watch this video >

Flu shot myths... debunked!

By Thomas James, WUSA9 | November 12, 2013
Thanksgiving is approaching but the flu season is already here, yet many of us find reasons to avoid the flu shot. Dr. Rohit Modak of Virginia Hospital Center wants to tell you about those myths. "The flu is very severe, it can cause hospitalization," adds Dr. Modak...
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TOP HOSPITALS: Local Hospitals by the Numbers

By Washingtonian Magazine | October 2013
Admissions, emergency-room visits, and more key stats at local hospitals.

Getting It Right the First Time

By Michael Gaynor & Melissa Romero, Washingtonian Magazine | October 2013
One of the biggest fears breast-cancer patients have is that a lumpectomy might miss some cancerous tissue. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, one in four women in the United States has to undergo more surgery after a lumpectomy. But at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, a new handheld tool called the MarginProbe is alleviating some of those concerns... "Right then and there, you can take out more tissue because the patient is still in the operating room," VHC breast surgeon Stephanie Akbari says.
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Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health

Improving the Technology to Identify and Treat Breast Cancer Patients in Northern Virginia

By Lexi Gray Steacy, Northern Virginia Magazine | October 8, 2013
The improved visibility that comes with 3D mammography may be of special interest to women with dense breast tissue, according to Stephanie Akbari, M.D., medical director of the Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, where the technology has been offered since late 2012...
...Robert L. Hong, M.D., medical director of Radiation Oncology at VHC, says he is excited that his hospital is able to provide a confluence of technologies that rely on one another, each working in parallel to provide the most advanced care for breast cancer patients. Hong adds, “We are working daily to stay on top of possible developments and advances that may be viable additions to the hospital. This requires careful and deliberate consideration, and the search is constant for ways to improve cancer outcomes and quality of life for our patients.”
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Executive Profile: Cacciatore and Catheters

By Vandana Sinha, Washington Business Journal | Septemeber 13, 2013
John Garrett, son of a general surgeon and youngest of three boys, knew what he wanted to be by age 7, when he’d be dissecting his stuffed animals. As chief of cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery at Northern Virginia’s only freestanding hospital, he loves the technical precision of curing hearts — when not facing the technical precision of curing anchovies, that is.
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Heart Services | Cardiac, Vascular & Thoracic Surgery

Getting a Vasectomy? Here's What You Need to Know 

By Robert Mordkin, MD, Men's Journal | September 2013
Vasectomy FAQ: Nearly half a million vasectomies are performed every year in the U.S., and most of the recipients are satisfied customers. Here are the most common questions received by Dr. Robert Mordkin, chief of urology at Virginia Hospital Center.
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Pre-chemo options may help women preserve fertility

Be Emily Wax, The Washington Post | Aug 27 2013
When Michele Foust received a diagnosis of Stage 2 breast cancer this spring, she typed out a list
of questions about her treatment. At the top of the 26-year-old’s concerns was
an unknown that haunts many young cancer patients: “If I survive, will I..."
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Oncology | Neelima Denduluri, MD

Soaring to the Top

By Karen L. Bune, Virginia Connection Newspapers | August 13, 2013
Virginia Hospital Center: Winner of the 2013 Truven Top 100 Hospitals Award and Everest Award.

Press Releasses | Awards & Recognition

2013 Top 100 Hospitals for Patient Satisfaction by WomenCertified®

August 14, 2013
CONGRATULATIONS! Virginia Hospital Center has once AGAIN earned the distinct honor of being one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience!

Orthopedics | Obstetrics | Heart Care

Virginia's Statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE)

August, 2013
ConnectVirginia is Virginia’s statewide health information exchange. Health
information exchange allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care
providers to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical
information electronically. ConnectVirginia currently offers health care
providers two services to facilitate the sharing of health information. DIRECT
Messaging is a secure clinical messaging service, similar to webmail but with
additional security components. EXCHANGE is a service that allows providers in a
participating node to “look-up” or query patient information from other
participating nodes. For more information on ConnectVirginia and health
information exchange, join the journey and visit www.ConnectVirginia.org.

Patients & Visitors

Dual Fluency

By Alison Rice, Arlington Magazine | July-August 2013
Bobby Hong studied at some of America’s most-renowned medical institutions. But he learned everything he needed to know about people at his parents’ liquor store.
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Radiation Oncology

Most Men Under 55 Don't Need Prostate Cancer Tests

By Kevin Gray, Men's Journal | July, 2013
In May, after decades of supporting early and regular prostate-cancer screening, the American Urological Association made a surprising U-turn, saying testing should mainly be done on men aged 55 to 69. The standard for prostate testing has long been a shotgun approach, advocated for patients as young as 40 and into their 70s. The problem: Blood testing for PSA, or prostate-specific antigens, is fairly inaccurate. This produces millions of false positives, which can lead to painful biopsies, the unnecessary removal of the prostate, and radiation treatment, which can cause erectile dysfunction and incontinence. "It is a good, appropriate move," says Dr. Robert Mordkin, Chief of Urology and Director of Robotic Surgery at the Virginia Hospital Center, and a supporter of PSA testing.
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Magnetic LINX Device Stops Heartburn

By Anita Brikman, WUSA 9 | July 8, 2013
Dr. Gillian is very excited about a newly-approved magnetic device called LINX, which can stop acid reflux with a minimally-invasive procedure.
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The Heartburn Center at Virginia Hospital Center | The LINX® Reflux Management System

Buddy Check 9: Margin Probe Is Game-Changer For Breast Cancer

By Andrea Roane, WUSA 9 | June 11, 2013
Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington is one of only five hospitals in the country using the FDA approved Margin Probe intra-operative device. Dr. Stephanie Akbari believes Margin Probe is a game changer for treating early stage breast cancer.
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The Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health

New Technique to Restore Normal Heart Rhythm

By Anita Brikman, WUSA 9 | April 5, 2013
Virgnia Hospital Center is the first in Northern Virginia to offer a new minimally-invasive approach to treat advanced atrial fibrillation. It is called the Convergent Maze Procedure.
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Heart Services at Virginia Hospital Center | YouTube

Broken Bone? How Long You'll Wait for Pain Meds at Virginia Hospital Center

By Beth Lawton, ArlingtonPatch | March 13, 2013
Virginia Hospital Center's Emergency Department is faster than other area hospital ERs on a variety of measurements, according to a new federal study.
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Emergency Med | Our Centers of Excellence

Virginia Hospital Center Picks Up National Ranking for Excellence

By Sun Gazette | March 4, 2013
Virginia Hospital Center has been named one of the nation’s “100 Top Hospitals” by Truven Health Analytics, which bases its ranking on quantitative research. The Arlington hospital also was named the only health-care facility in the region to be named an Everest Award winner for 2013, representing 17 of the 100 top hospitals...
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Some Acid Reflux Cases Don't Respond to Meds

By Doreen Gentzler, NBC Channel 4 | Feb 23, 2013
Treating Acid Reflux: Dr. Gillian's Patient Success Story
Heartburn CenterWatch this Story






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