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Corporate Health Brief: Why HealthWorks?

Employers today are taking a more active interest in the health of their employees. Through HealthWorks, Virginia Hospital Center’s corporate health program, local businesses now have resources to offer their employees a variety of health promotion and disease prevention programs, as well as screenings right in the workplace. 

HealthWorks programs were developed to address the needs and interests of your staff in a corporate setting and are delivered via workshops, seminars, and screenings right in your workplace.  Lectures like "Stress Management" "Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise" "Men's & Women's Health" are all available.  Click here for a detailed list of programs and topics.  Additional HealthWorks services include on-site screenings such as blood pressure, body-fat analysis, cholesterol and bone-density screening.  Multi-session seminars are available for smoking cessation, diet-connection and cholesterol reduction. 

Employers recognize that they can help themselves and their employees by creating a corporate culture that rewards healthy living, motivates employees to improve their health, and provides the education and intervention to make it possible.  HealthWorks will give you the tools and resources your employees’ need at a low cost to your company.  Let HealthWorks design a program specifically to meet your employees needs. 

  • More than two-thirds of HealthWorks programs are conducted for repeat clients. Businesses see results and return to HealthWorks for activities that improve on-the-job performance and financial results.
  • HealthWorks’ offerings are not only informative, but also concise and enjoyable.
  • Each of its lectures, screenings and assessments delivers reliable guidance that employees can easily appreciate and apply.
  • Corporate Programs Tailored to Your People
    Entirely flexible in its approach, HealthWorks provides educational sessions and screenings that make sense for your specific business. Plus, they’re convenient. Health fairs and other sessions occur on-site and accommodate your company’s schedule.
  • You may choose from a wide variety of options.
  • Workshops that focus on smoking cessation, stress management, time management, or substance abuse prevention.
  • Cancer risk assessments and screenings for blood pressure and body fat composition.
  • Programs that provide employees with tips for better nutrition, cancer prevention, healthier backs, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure
  • Seminars on women’s health.
  • Fees are structured to be affordable for both large and small companies.

If you care about the health of your corporation, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of this program!

Email CTurner@virginiahospitalcenter.com or call 703.558.6740 today to get your Corporate Health Assessment.



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