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Senior Health’s Philips Lifeline
Personal Emergency Response System

Download Lifeline Form to start service.
To submit the form by fax, please send it to 703.558.2456.

Virginia Hospital Center has been a 20+ year provider of the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System for the entire Northern Virginia and Northwest DC Metro Region. The VHC Senior Health group locally manages the equipment by helping you set it up and maintain the system for as long as you need it. This wearable technology is waterproof and works in tandem with a compact speaker that is placed in your home. Virginia Hospital Center continues to research and provide the best medical technology for the community. There are no other Northern Virginia hospitals or medical alert systems in the metro area that provide this direct care and assistance. Nationwide, Philips Lifeline is the largest personal emergency response service. Combined with Virginia Hospital Center, we are able to be a leader in technology that fosters independence as we age in place together.

Proven Access to Help

Philips Lifeline’s standard service has been nationally recognized for 40 years. A small two-way speaker utilizes your current phone line in your home. If you need help, you can feel secure knowing that help is available 24-hours a day by a simple push of a lightweight button. This will activate the speaker to call Lifeline’s monitoring center.
Your Lifeline operator will contact a designated friend or family member or contact your local 911. 

Now Lifeline without a Phone Line!

Now those who lack a home phone line can continue to experience increased peace of mind. The Senior Health Department and Lifeline would like to announce the introduction of the Philips Lifeline HomeSafe Wireless System.

Lifeline’s Fall Detection Service: Auto Alert

Philips Lifeline introduced their patented fall detection service four years ago. This provides the same benefits and functionality of our standard service, but it also provides an added layer of protection. The AutoAlert is a fall detection technology built within the Personal Help Button (PHB) that automatically places a call for help if a fall is detected and the individual cannot press the button (PHB) because they are disoriented, immobilized, or unconscious. Additionally, Lifeline with AutoAlert can help support earlier intervention in cases when someone falls and chooses not to summon help immediately. Click here to watch a video on the technology behind Lifeline’s Auto Alert.

Why Virginia Hospital Center and Philips Lifeline?

  • Virginia Hospital Center has been nationally recognized for providing unparalleled service to the Metro Region.
  • VHC Senior Health Department staff will help you maintain your Lifeline service with one-to-one assistance.
  • Virginia Hospital Center continues to be a leader in healthy aging in the community. We continue to develop new services and provide technological advances to help foster aging independently.

Click here for a comprehensive tool to help you select a medical alert system that is designed for you and your home.

Virginia Hospital Center Lifeline Subscriber’s Personal Experience

“My three daughters urged me to get a personal medical alert system after my husband died in early 2010. I enrolled in Philips Lifeline through Virginia Hospital Center… But more important – Lifeline literally saved my life. One day I was weeding in my garden and suddenly could not breathe; I pressed the Lifeline button which I always wear, and within a few minutes I heard the wonderful sound of the approaching ambulance. I was treated by the EMTs and taken to Mt. Vernon Hospital where I spent several days… Fortunately, I have not had to call on Lifeline since then but recommend that any person living alone make this investment.”

– Sandy K.

Virginia Hospital Center Foundation’s Lifeline Assistance Fund

Virginia Hospital Center's Senior Health Department in partnership with the hospital’s Foundation, developed The Lifeline Assistance Fund to help "at-risk and in-need" individuals subsidize the Lifeline service and remain in their homes with confidence and safety. We are proud to celebrate our five year anniversary since implementing the fund in 2009. This fund has supported over 60 people in the Northern Virginia Metro Region.

To make a tax deductible contribution to the Lifeline Scholarship Fund, please visit our on-line giving page and indicate LIFELINE in the gift designation box. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a difference.

Senior Health Department
  • For more information
    on Lifeline, please call us at 703.558.6859.
  • To submit your form by fax, please send the information to 703.558.2456.
  • If you are a case manager or social worker in the Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington and N.W. DC area and would like more information about the Lifeline Assistance Fund, please contact the Senior Health Department at 703.558.6859.


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