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More Moms Are Choosing to Have Their Babies at Virginia Hospital Center


When Jessica Spataro selected Virginia Hospital Center to deliver her son Nico, she loved the fact that she knew she would have a private room.
That was high on her priority list because her husband wanted to be with her the entire time. With the private room, there was plenty of space for him to stay with her. During her tour of the Mother-Baby Unit, she was particularly impressed with the calm, peaceful feeling,” she says. “It didn’t feel like a sterile hospital setting. It was warm and inviting.”
When complications in her delivery required an emergency Cesarean section, she still felt that sense of calm from everyone on the Labor & Delivery team. “The nurses and my doctor, Deirdre Kato, MD, OB/GYN of Kaiser Permanente, weren’t alarmist,” she said. “They were matter of fact, explained everything to me, and said, ‘We’ll be with you every step of the way.’”


Stephanie Duatschek was having her routine checkup with Nisha Vyas, MD, FACOG, an OB/GYN specializing in high-risk pregnancy with the Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group. She was still several days away from her planned labor induction.
Instead, Dr. Vyas told her, “We’re taking you to Labor & Delivery now.” Stephanie was met by her nurse and her OB/GYN, Susanne Lashgari Prather, MD, FACOG,* who were reassuring and made her feel less anxious in what could have been a very stressful situation.
“My baby’s heartbeat was decelerating on multiple occasions. Dr. Prather and the nurses were phenomenal,” she said. “They told me, ‘There’s no need to worry.’” That caring attitude continued through her entire stay on the Mother-Baby Unit, Duatschek said.
“The nurses made me feel so comfortable during my stay,” she said. “It almost felt like a sister or aunt taking care of me. You know how people say that you can’t get rest in the hospital? Not here. My stay was quiet and restful.”

*Washingtonian Magazine Top Doctors 2014.

Every year, more expectant mothers decide to deliver their babies here. It’s with good reason. Our beautiful Women and Infant Health Center offers all the amenities and comforts new moms want, including all private rooms. Here are some of our top benefits for families:

Personalized Care:

We work closely with each mom and her family to determine the type of birth experience she desires and needs to individualize all care.

Expert Care:

Our highly skilled physicians and nurses are experienced in caring for moms with high-risk pregnancies and conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, premature labor, placental complications, premature and multiple births, and other complications that may arise.

Comfortable Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms (LDR):

All LDR rooms have private bathrooms with showers, a sofa or sleep chair for the support person, television and an infant recovery area so that mother and baby do not need to be separated unless the baby requires a higher level of care, such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

A More Mobile Labor:

Walking during early labor can be more comfortable than lying in a bed and beneficial for the process. Our new wireless fetal monitors allow moms to walk— and even shower—with the security of having their baby monitored at all times.

Excellent Nursing Staff:

Nurses in the Women and Infant units have received comprehensive and ongoing education and work collaboratively with all other departments to ensure that moms and babies have outstanding care.

All Private Rooms:

After delivery, all of our moms have private rooms with daybeds where their partner can stay overnight.

A Quiet, Calm Environment:

Moms told us that noise levels were important to them, so we examined everything from our tone of voice to the wheels on the housekeeping carts. You can feel and hear the difference the minute you arrive.

Breastfeeding Support:

In addition to the Mother-Baby Unit’s lactation consultants, postpartum nurses also are trained to support moms in breastfeeding.

All-Private-Room NICU:

Each family in our NICU has a private room. All of our rooms can accommodate additional babies so that twins and triplets can be together. Our Level IIIB NICU, managed by specialists from Children’s National Health System, can care for babies at and above 24 weeks gestation.

Private-Room Stepdown NICU:

As babies transition from the NICU to go home, our private step-down NICU rooms allow parents to spend the night and learn how to care for their baby.

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