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Andrea Orlando Executive Health Success Story

Andrea Orlando was 56 when a total body scan revealed a suspicious spot on her lung the size of a pin head. The scan hadn't been ordered because of any troubling symptoms. It was one of several preventive screenings conducted as part of the Executive Health program at Virginia Hospital Center.

Executive Health physician Suzanne H. Wittig, MD referred Andrea to pulmonologist David R. Duhamel, MD, who recommended monitoring the lesion for changes via CT scans every three months. A year later, when the mass changed, a biopsy confirmed malignancy, and Orlando underwent a VATS (video-assisted thoracic surgery) lobectomy to remove part of her right lung, performed by John R. Garrett, MD, Chief of Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery.

"Before going through Executive Health at Virginia Hospital Center, I had seen my gynecologist and allergist,but I hadn't had a real physical in about 30 years," Orlando says. "Had I not scheduled that comprehensive check-up, I probably wouldn't have had symptoms for years, and by then the cancer would have reached a much more advanced stage. I feel very fortunate."

The Executive Health program is a comprehensive, multi-specialty health evaluation that includes a full battery of screenings, all in one day. The day begins with an hour-long medical history overview and physical, after which patients are escorted to consecutive diagnostic screenings. Most test results are available that day. Itineraries can be customized to address individual medical concerns, and patrons enjoy access to an executive suite equipped with phones, flat screen television and broadband connectivity. The cost is $2,200 for the Core Services package or $3,400 for the Premium Services package.

Back-to-school season is here, which means you probably have the kids scheduled for their annual check-ups. What about you? With the Executive Health physical, making your own health a priority has never been easier.

Call Kathy Zinzi Etzel at 703.717.4700 for more information or to make an appointment.

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